Prince Harry finally threw the girl

Prince Harry finally threw the girlThe Prince of Harry and his girlfriend Chelsea Davy decided to leave, writes in the Sunday newspaper the Mail on Sunday. As explained 22-year-old girl friends, she needs "space" to realize himself as a personality.In addition, she will be able to pay more attention to your studies at the University of Leeds, while Harry tries to establish his military career.The Prince and Chelsea have met three years. According to some, the reason for the temporary break was the fact that Harry didn't come to the party, dedicated to the birthday girl, and chose to attend the final of the Rugby world Cup.Friends Chelsea argue that young people love each other and their relationship is not completely torn. However, the newspaper's source in the entourage of the Queen said that this novel is over, as it has exhausted itself, and now everyone will do their job.The news of the rupture of a 23-year-old Harry and Chelsea are likely to upset the Queen. The complicated relationship of the young princes with their girls can convince the public that the younger generation of the Royal family, who are incapable of stable relations, like their parents, says The Mail on Sunday. Source: Prince Harry finally threw the girl. Читать полностью -->

Kelly brook unveiled its own `seductive` perfume

Kelly brook unveiled its own `seductive` perfume British beauty Kelly brook has recently presented in London its own perfume. Over the outfit for the presentation, the girl obviously thought longer than over the name of the perfume, deciding to name it after myself, writes the newspaper the Sun.Kelly appeared on presentations at major pharmacy chain Superdrug in elegant pink dress that accentuates its merits (see photo). Note that the outfit had something in common with the elegant design of the bottle with a black "retro glamorous" of the Lord, and with a firm description of the scent. The smell is marketed as "sexy, fruity and enticing" smell for a real woman. The model told that was involved in all stages of production of their spirits, in order to be confident in their perfection. The result of her works - 25ml bottle with "intriguing" flavour - you can buy perfume in stores for £17.95 (about 900 rubles)Kelly brook thus joined such stars like Victoria Beckham, model Jordan, Christina Aguilera and others who actively promote their own perfume. Читать полностью -->

Beckham was pleased with nudity gay magazine

Beckham was pleased with nudity gay magazine In the Internet appeared photos Nude footballer David Beckham, who allegedly were removed for the American monthly gay magazine Attitude, according to tgcom.Photos have not yet entered in the journal, so there have been doubts about whether or not they are for gay publications, or were made for other purposes.In any case, even if the photo comes out, there would be nothing strange, because the footballer in his time was awarded the title of "idol gays", and he declared that is very glad this title.However, we cannot exclude that these photos may be fake, as well as those that appeared in April, depicting a football player, "crucified" in the Nude. Later it turned out that the head football player was taken from a picture of 2004, but everything else was not his, including the penis. Source: Beckham pleased with nudity gay magazine (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Family Dedyushko pursued by ill fate

Family Dedyushko pursued by ill fateThe tragedy that occurred on 3 November at 22.15 109-kilometer route Moscow - Ufa, shocked the whole country. Died in an accident a wonderful actor Alexander Dedyushko together with his wife Svetlana and 8-year-old son Dima. Before the house was a hundred kilometers...Our correspondents visited the small Belarusian town of Volkovysk, the birthplace of Alexander, where in each house of the death of this man is perceived as a personal grief.Close to the actor, people remember that he had dreamed of comedic characters and categorically refused from movies where his character dies. And said: "I don't want to play my death!" And my mother admitted that will only play the main roles, or not removed at all.Classmate Dedyushko Yuri Kuksa wonders how his friend could have died behind the wheel.- Sanka driven a car since ninth grade! He's the ACE in the autobody! How could this happen?! Now I caught myself thinking that talking about him in present tense. Differently still does not work. We had been driving in the school plant. Читать полностью -->

Sobchak for 10 thousand Euro jumped out of the cake

Sobchak for 10 thousand Euro jumped out of the cake She gave the Director a fine dining restaurant as a stripper. 10 000 euros Ksenia Sobchak in a sexy negligee jumped out of the birthday cake, pre-presentation to the owner of one of the restaurants of St. Petersburg in honor of the birthday of the institution.We were the first who were able to buy Ksusha as a gift - proudly confessed restaurant Manager Svetlana R. - And absolutely not regret about. For a tidy sum that we paid Sobchak, she agreed to fulfill all our cherished desires.The emergence of Xenia at the ceremony carefully concealed from invitee.- Wanted to make everyone a pleasant surprise, " says Svetlana. - Long thought to bring to the stage secular lioness, and then decided " let him jump out of the cake! Ksenia initially refused to do it, but when we added a few thousand to its fee, agreed.CakeThe organizers ' idea was a success. Читать полностью -->

Helena Bonham-Carter gave birth to a daughter between filming

Helena Bonham-Carter gave birth to a daughter between filmingBritish actress Helena Bonham-Carter, wife of the famous Director Tim Burton, last Saturday gave birth to a daughter. The girl was born in London. This is the second child in the family of the actress and her husband. The couple's eldest son Billy for 4 years.The second pregnancy was 41-year-old actress is not so easy. In the latest issue of Playboy magazine Helena says that he learned about his interesting position in time during the filming of taken based on the musical picture of Sweeney Todd, directed by the husband of the actress Tim Burton.Because of natural changes in the figure of Helena Bonham Carter on the set had a lot of problems. As you know, some scenes of the films are in different order, so careful people will find in the picture a lot of "mistakes"."I start to walk with big Tits, then I go up the stairs, and suddenly again ocaseys with Breasts the size of a tangerine," says the actress. Читать полностью -->

Paul McCartney was made a `secret` heart surgery

Paul McCartney was made a `secret` heart surgerySir Paul McCartney was made a "secret" heart surgery in 2007. Details of the incident hit the press just after the New year.According to the newspaper The Telegraph, a 65-year-old musician was made coronary angioplasty, surgery is needed to expand the blood vessels of the heart.The press attache of sir Paul confirmed that the former "beatle" had surgery that was planned, and said that it happened in the fall. McCartney quickly recovered: in December he visited the patients of children's hospital great Ormond Street and was recorded in the Christmas program radio BBC2 together with Kylie Minogue.2007 was a difficult one for the musician because of his divorce from Heather mills. By the beginning of January 2008 for the former spouse failed to reach mutually acceptable financial terms of the divorce. Source: Paul McCartney was made a "secret" heart surgery. . Читать полностью -->

`Not angels` prepare to win `Eurovision-2008`

`Not angels` prepare to win `Eurovision-2008` The Duo Neangely" already started recording the English-language hit, the name of which is currently held in strict confidence. This week will begin shooting the film clip sexy ladies show on the court fans in two versions: English and Russian.Now Victoria and the Glory of finishing a new single in the Studio.In an interview with "Neangely" told about one of the secrets of their unique voices - girls specially smoke cigars, which gives their voices custom sound and low tone. The group believes that the Eurovision song contest-2008 by level of vocal they just will not be equal.Despite his busy touring schedule, the girls are very responsible attitude to the preparation of her performance at Eurovision: prepare outrageous costumes and put an original dance production.The struggle for the right to represent Ukraine on the popular European competition will be hot, because with "Neangely" part in the qualifying round will take and the "A. R. M. I. Читать полностью -->

The rating of diseases, constantly disturbing stars

The rating of diseases, constantly disturbing starsThey meet with supermodels and make millions on the promotional tour. Their names are known to all. However, as mere mortals, fabulously wealthy celebrities concerned about the problems associated with health, writes Forbes.According to a survey recently conducted among attorneys actors and musicians, most of their customers are afraid of the problems associated with heart disease. Also concerns among celebrities causes cancer. Meanwhile, most of the stars deem necessary constant trips to the gym to keep fit.A large number of stars are afraid of mental illness and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, the fear of the celebrities the opportunity to get injured in the accident, and complications after plastic surgery.The survey was conducted by Prince & associates, engaged in research in the field of health. Читать полностью -->