Paul Will be leaving the Comedy Club

Paul Will be leaving the Comedy ClubThe most popular resident comic project Comedy Club leaving the show, informs "Your day".As it became known to the edition, from reliable sources, Pavel Volya, Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov, Vadim Galygin, Timur "Chestnut" Batrutdinov and Tair Mamedov decided to try out some solo projects.The very first of the star project took pet girls curly Tair that during conversations with the leadership explained their care is simple: he does not see for itself prospects. He did not yield to any entreaties of the producers of the show to stay even for a while.Care Tair pushed to such a step and the other project participants. For example, Vadim Galygin for a long time, despite the dissatisfaction of the producers of the show, and participates in projects of other channels. In the left side and the other stars - Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov and "glamorous bastard" Shantel.As told one of the managers of the Comedy Club, who asked to remain anonymous, Kharlamov wants to try their hand at a different genre - cinema. He can already boast some roles, and is currently considering new scenarios.Did not wish to remain in the project and Pavel Volya. He decided to leave which made him the runaway success of the show one of the most recent. Читать полностью -->

Gennady Bachinsky died performing overtaking is prohibited

Gennady Bachinsky died performing overtaking is prohibitedWell - known TV and radio journalist Gennady Bachinsky, who died Saturday in a car accident in the Tver region, performing overtaking in prohibited place, according to TV channel "Vesti 24".As told in the regional traffic police, the accident occurred at about 15:45, near the town of Kalyazin. Driving a Volkswagen Golf car, Bachinsky tried to overtake a truck on a dangerous plot left on a strip of oncoming traffic, where it collided with a passenger minibus Volkswagen Transporter.The alarm message was received at the remote "emergency" at 15:50. The doctors arrived at the scene three minutes later, but to their arrival, the driver of the Volkswagen Golf has died from the received wounds. Who was in the second car two 30-year-old women and a man were injured and were taken to Kalyazin Central hospital.One passenger is in serious condition, said KP.RU. She has a dislocation and fracture of the right hip, as well as chemical burns to both eyes due to acid splashing out of the battery. The second passenger of multiple fractures of the legs, and the driver fractures of the bones of the feet and a slight concussion. Читать полностью -->

Cindy Margolis - the most desirable girl Network

Cindy Margolis - the most desirable girl Network Popular fashion model, host of the TV show and one of the main characters of the television series "Beach patrol" is recognized as the so-called "cybercurrency"...She is one of the first places in the ranking of "Most desired girls of the Internet". Still, for such beauty is not only in the Internet go... Source: Cindy Margolis - the most desirable girl Network (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

For jeep Pugacheva bandits came from Kaluga

For jeep Pugacheva bandits came from KalugaFor "land-cruiser" that Alla Borisovna bought in September, members of a gang of car thieves were closely monitored before you decided to hijack.Bandits came to the capital from Kaluga to steal her car.All the Moscow police Department dispatched orientations, which are communicated to the signs of the hijackers. Operatives known that the purpose of criminals are VIP-owners of the jeep brand, "Land cruiser". Despite this, time to stop intruders failed and their first victim was Alla Pugacheva.Theft31-year-old driver divas Vladimir Popov hooked up to the car "Toyota land cruiser" silver by proxy. The very same car belongs to Alla Borisovna.On the night of Monday to Tuesday Vladimir returned home about 4 hours a night in his native village of Filimonki and put the car in the yard at the usual place. Coming from the house around 6 a.m., he saw no car, and chain fencing Parking lot, deflated.Neighbor Popov - 54-year-old Lyubov Belova three weeks ago I began to notice that someone is watching dishwasher Vladimir Anatolievich.- In our village mostly pensioners, " says Lubov. - And here some young lean men, 23 - 25 years. Читать полностью -->

The hottest celebrities of Russia

The hottest celebrities of Russia In November, MAXIM magazine has published a special issue devoted to the rating of the hottest celebrities of Russia."Many, of course, interested, what, in fact, the parameters been evaluated by the editorial Board nominees. I answer, in purely objective, almost mathematical. Of course, it is impossible for such an ephemeral substance, as female sexuality, to be decomposed and measured. So I think some is wrong! This other editions impossible, and our possible", - said the chief editor of the magazine Alexander Malenkov. Source: The hottest celebrities of Russia (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Nicole Kidman fixated on your sores

Nicole Kidman fixated on your soresAustralian actress Nicole Kidman told us that grew up in a family of doctors and is very kind to your health.The biggest enemy to your health Kidman believes the sun. "I never go out in the sun without protective cream. In my childhood I had skin cancer, I removed part of the tissue on the foot. Since then, I have an irrational fear of the sun. In addition, it accelerates the aging!" - quoted 40-year-old actress Hollyscoop.Recently Nicole and told about the problems in the female part. At the time, went to considerable speculation about the absence of her with Tom cruise children, the very same pair always avoided this question. Читать полностью -->

Victor Drobysh and Igor Matvienko steal songs

Victor Drobysh and Igor Matvienko steal songsThey say that after the success of "17 moments of spring" to Mikael Tariverdiev a telegram: "Congratulations on the success of his music to your film. Francis Lai". Tariverdiev was nervous and upset.But then it turned out that the telegram was composed envious. Ringtones Tariverdiev actually slightly resembled a melody Leia from "love Story". But just a little!Modern our pop performers are not shy to copy foreign. Why still not come to Igor Matvienko telegrams from Elton John or heirs Nino Rota? Why Viktor Drobysh not write from Italy the band "Ricky e Believe"? Silent stars.Anyway, so far, the study of Russian music plagiarism deals on the website . Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan increased lips

Lindsay Lohan increased lips Actress Lindsay Lohan, recently released from rehab for treatment of alcohol and drug abuse, have cosmetic surgery, increasing the lips. Its new face star showed the paparazzi on the way out of the restaurant in Hollywood.Close to the actress sources claim that the girl is going to change your life, to stop going to parties and focus on work and sobriety.Recall that a riotous life Lohan, which she had written the last few months before the clinic, led to its bankruptcy. However, she hopes in the very near future "to revive" his career by taking part in the filming of the new film. Source: Lindsay Lohan increased lips (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Writer-recluse sold his archive

Writer-recluse sold his archive74-year-old American writer Cormac McCarthy (Cormac McCarthy) sold his personal archive to the University of Texas in San Marcos.Personal papers of the writer, not talking to the press, was estimated at two million dollars, reports The New York Times.The archive contains letters to McCarthy, his notebooks, drafts and galleys of books.McCarthy is the author of ten novels, one of which is "All the Pretty Horses" ("Horses, horses...") - was awarded the National book award in the USA. The last book of the writer - "The Road") is a noted Pulitzer prize in 2007.A screen adaptation of another book McCarthy - No Country for Old Men", carried out by brothers Ethan and Joel Coen, may be one of the main contenders for the "Oscar" of the American Academy of 2008. Source: the Writer-recluse sold his archive. . . . Читать полностью -->