Malakhov and Rasputin was a disgrace to the show `Two star`

Malakhov and Rasputin was a disgrace to the show `Two star`Masha Rasputina and Andrey Malakhov became one of the brightest pairs of the project "Two stars". This Duo has only one, but very important problem: Malakhov absolutely can't sing.It is this fact from the outset doomed to fail a couple. Still, the show is about singing the experiments, and the presence and hearing abilities that rumor to apply in practice plays a key role.But, even knowing about the weaknesses of the partner, Rasputin agreed to participate in the show to pair with it."Andrew is a good guy, my friend. It was hard for me to refuse him. Although Andrew the bear on an ear has come and he does not know how to sing. I said to him immediately: "Well, I'll light. Читать полностью -->

Jasmine gives son her ex-husband

Jasmine gives son her ex-husbandThe scandalous divorce of singer Jasmine was in the past, and now the artist is forging a new life, and his 10-year-old son Misha. According to Jasmine, her ex-husband and the boy's father Vyacheslav Semenduev communicates with the child and even takes him to his.Of course, this does not pose a threat to maternal happiness of the singer. She even encourages a more or less long meeting seminueva with his son."I welcome the fact that he communicates with him," says Jasmine. It is good for the child. Misha with him every day calls up, talks, talks about progress at school. Dad once a week takes it and they go somewhere together. Читать полностью -->

A fan of `Tea for two` climbed into the shower to the soloist

A fan of `Tea for two` climbed into the shower to the soloist Namasivaya singer did not even know that because of the blinds watching him excited to the limit fan. Perfect body of the singer, his bulging muscles and torso drove fans crazy.Taking out the camera, she began to photograph Nude Stas!"I was shocked when in the shower room of the gym that I regularly visit, suddenly something flashed," says Stas. - Turned around, and in the middle of the room stands a girl with crazy eyes and photographed me!FanKostushkin urgently summoned the guards to the fitness club, which quickly overpowered Horny groupie and drove it on the street.- This girl I knew his long-time fan, " says Stas. - She's been stalking me for several years. I did not write a statement to the police, because she can't help their feelings. Although, I admit, this attention is a bit annoying. Читать полностью -->

Semenovich showed men underwear

Semenovich showed men underwearAnna Semenovich was, perhaps, the most brilliant participant of the project "Ice age". Fans of the show each time convinced of it, watching her performances.During the recent performances of the stars of "Ice age" in Kiev male half of the room admiringly watched the former soloist "Shining". The girl tried to hide her seductive form and at some point even demonstrated under dark Fox costume Alice red underwear, writes "KP-Ukraine".Singing second dance to the famous song "Ti Zh mene, pidmanula", Anna again made a splash. The girl dressed in colorful dress, from beneath which is clearly visible Lacy panties. Besides, according to eyewitnesses, the plunging neckline was put on public display chic bust - the main advantage of the artist.Semenovich was in good spirits and made a compliment to the Ukrainians, and along with itself."Still in Ukraine, the most beautiful girl," said Anna. "It's true, because I am half Ukrainian!". Читать полностью -->

Korean a champion boxer in a coma

Korean a champion boxer in a comaThe attempt to defend the Intercontinental champion in the light weight class by the world Boxing organization was completed for 33-year-old representative of South Korea's Choi E Itself emergency surgery.It is reported ITAR-TASS referring to the newspaper "Choson Ilbo".5 seconds before the end of the 12th round held in Seoul of the match with 24 years of Indonesian Heri AMOLED the owner of the ring has missed a strong kick right in the jaw. The superhuman effort of the South Korean boxer was able to stand and to stand up to the moment when the unanimous decision of judges was declared the winner, after which he collapsed and lost consciousness.In the hospital we Choi E, has identified a brain bleed, he underwent surgery, but he is still in a coma. Even if the fighter survives, his chances to get better and to return to the ring are slim, according to the coaches.This incident has again drawn attention to the injury in professional Boxing, including a tragic death in 1982, Kim Duk GU. During held the world Boxing Association fight with American ray Mancini, the representative of South Korea's got brain damage and died four days later after surgery. Source: Korean a champion boxer in a coma. . Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton was replaced by another boyfriend

Paris Hilton was replaced by another boyfriend Apparently, Paris Hilton is still given their marching orders her pizza guy from Sweden Alex Vaggo, writes today the site Gossip Girls and publishes photos Dating famous heiress with an unknown young man.After the party in one of clubs in Los Angeles socialite continued Saturday holiday at Le Petit Four in the company of a mysterious young man. Paris looked happy, smiled and chatted with his companion. When photographers asked the blonde, not whether it's a new boyfriend, she playfully said: "the new Year - everything is new".Recall that just a month ago we reported that Paris Hilton has presented Alex Vaggo parents. Then they came together at Madeo restaurant in Los Angeles, where parents miss Hilton Rick and Kathy celebrated the 28th anniversary of the wedding, reported the Daily Mail newspaper, adding that the 20-year-old handsome easily found a common language with family hotel magnates. Apparently, like their parents is not a guarantee of any serious relationship from party girl windy. Source: Paris Hilton was replaced by another boyfriend (photo). Читать полностью -->

Nicole Kidman fat rapidly

Nicole Kidman fat rapidlyOne of the most slender and graceful Actresses in Hollywood early monstrously fat. And typing to date is already more than 4 kg, Nicole Kidman is not going to ostanavlivatsa there.According to the London Daily Mail on the Australian decided for the sake of art: Nicole will play a major role in the drama "the Reader" ("The Reader"). This work she already calls one of the most interesting, but at the same time and challenging in his career."Nicole is very slender, enjoys sports, loves to swim, said a confidant of the actress, and the role her character should not only be aged for several decades, but getting fat throughout the film". At first she was going to use props to increase the visual shape, but Director Stephen Daldry was not allowed to do that, insisting on realism. Moreover, in the feed are assumed to be explicit scenes and miscellaneous charms in them would have been impossible not to notice.The role of complex and psychologically. "Reader" - film adaptation of the bestselling German author Bernard Schlink. Читать полностью -->

Divorce Pamela Anderson - `can of worms`

Divorce Pamela Anderson - `can of worms`Pamela Anderson still can not understand the relationship with her husband Rick Salomon. Actress and model a few weeks ago filed for divorce, but the couple still see together.Apparently, in the life of a star a real drama unfolds. Fleeting wedding of Pamela and Rick were held in Las Vegas in October of last year.In December, Anderson filed for divorce. A couple of days after the documents about the divorce process had been brought to court, Pamela wrote on its website that they are "working on it".Then came the rumors about the pregnancy of the stars. And spread gossip Rick himself. His words came out like pam "going crazy" because of an interesting situation.But Pamela has denied this information. Читать полностью -->

Gennady Bachinsky was not guilty in road accident

Gennady Bachinsky was not guilty in road accidentYesterday afternoon passed and investigative autotechnical examination of the car "Volkswagen", which crashed Bachinsky.According to available information, according to preliminary findings, we can safely say that Gennady is not only not guilty in the accident, but he himself was the victim of some external influence on his car.For examination by representatives of the investigation Department of the Department of internal Affairs of the Tver region, as well as investigators OVD Kalyazin district. The official results of the examination will be issued only after a week. However, we have become aware of the basic conclusions drawn by the investigators today, the newspaper "Your day".Autotechnical examination was aimed at establishing fault inside the car before the accident. Investigators, according to our data, came to the conclusion that the engine, brakes and everything else inside the car at the time of the accident were serviceable. At the same time, investigative expertise, during which the car was lifted with the help of cranes, brought closer to each other, the calculated angle of impact, showed that the impact of two "Volkswagen" was not the head: he fell in the front left side of the cars Bachynsky at an angle.- This confirms the words of the witness to the accident who was driving a BMW, that, when Gennady was rebuilt in its range, the car began to chatter from side to side and front collision it turned in front of oncoming cars backfired, " said a source involved with the investigation of this high-profile case.The possible cause of this "rocking" investigators see the wheel gap. But it also remains the only version, as the examination is not yet ready. Читать полностью -->

Pornstar will sell my bust over the Internet

Pornstar will sell my bust over the InternetAmerican porn star Mary Carey, who became famous thanks to the participation in the elections for Governor of California on Tuesday announced plans to auction off his recently removed breast implants autographed.According to 27-year-old Carey, implants sizes 36-D was removed two weeks ago and replaced with larger - 36 DDD. While under anesthesia, she says, ' she realized as her collect money in aid of breast cancer research."The doctors asked me what I was going to do with them, and I replied that I would leave them and try to sell it. Because my grandmother had breast cancer," said Carey in an interview with Reuters."I thought the auction would be a good way to lighten the mood for the holidays and to make someone's Christmas was really happy," she added.Implants autographed were placed on one of the popular online auctions and Cary, whose name is Mary cook, said that approximately 90 percent of the revenues it will donate to the breast cancer Foundation of the name Susan G. Komen.The rest of the money it intends to spend for treatment of his mother, who in 2006 were injured by jumping from the fourth floor (mother Carey suffers from schizophrenia)."Actually I'm against plastic surgery," says Cary. I watched as my mother went through 11 surgeries due to injuries, and for me the only reason to do this is to raise money and donate them to charity." Source: Pornstar sell my bust over the Internet. . Читать полностью -->

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