Abdulov will be buried on 5 January Vagankovskoye cemetery

Abdulov will be buried on 5 January Vagankovskoye cemeteryCivil funeral and farewell to Alexander Abdulov will be held on Saturday, January 5, at 10:30 in the premises of the Lenkom theatre, RIA Novosti reported.On the same day, according to the Deputy Director of theatre Sergey Voltaire, Abdulov will be buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.People's artist of Russia Alexander Abdulov has died at 07:20 on January 3 in the Center of cardiovascular surgery named after Bakulev. He was 54 years old.Previously, the doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer in the fourth stage, a disease which is considered incurable, although modern methods of treatment allow to stabilize and even achieve regression of the disease.According to relatives and colleagues of actor, Abdulov struggled with the disease. In February 2008, he planned to return to the scene of them is to play the English version in the play "Marriage".Alexander Abdulov was born 29 may 1953 in a theatrical family. In 1975 he graduated from GITIS (I. M. Rayevsky) and was accepted into the troupe Lenkom.Among the most famous theatrical works Abdulov - the role of Lieutenant Pluzhnikov's play based on the novel "In lists did not appear", Joaquin in the rock Opera "the Star and death of Joaquin Murrieta, Fernando Lopez and Man of the theatre in the rock-Opera "Juno and Avos".Fame and popularity Abdulov also brought his work in the movie: "Ordinary miracle "That Munchhausen" "the House that swift built", "Formula of love", "Kill the dragon", "Genius".For his work in theatre and cinema Alexander Abdulov was repeatedly awarded with various awards and titles. Читать полностью -->

Brad pitt refused to shoot in the political Thriller

Brad pitt refused to shoot in the political ThrillerHollywood actor brad pitt refused to shoot in the political Thriller Universal's State of Play because of problems with the script.Pitt made such a decision after two weeks of negotiations with Director Kevin MacDonald ("Last king of Scotland"), who tried to persuade the star Trio to star in the film. Edits to the script, some things which are not liked pitt, and at the moment can not be made because of the writers ' strike, reports ReutРµrs.Now Universal have to find a new actor to the status of brad pitt. According to sources, the Studio plans to start negotiations with johnny Depp, also affected due to the writers ' strike - the film about the adventures of a drug addict "Shantaram" delayed due to the fact that the script was not approved. In addition, as a potential actor for the main role in State of Play Universal is considering Russell Crowe.Pitt was supposed to play in the film, together with such famous actors as Edward Norton, Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn. The author of the script of the film adaptation of British TV BBC drama written by Matthew Michael Carnahan.The film tells the story of the Congressman who will play Norton, and journalist, guiding his election campaign (pitt). After the murder of the mistress of a Congressman, a journalist begins to conduct his own investigation.A source at Universal announced that the Studio intends to protect its rights and may serve on brad pitt in the court. Читать полностью -->

Lolita flatly refused becoming blonde

Lolita flatly refused becoming blonde Lolita scandal filming the Christmas tale "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors", where she plays the role of the young Frenchwoman.Is blondinette make me look fat! said the actress, when make-up artists gave her a blonde wig. Ever you me change hairpiece or I'm leaving! For this role I made a special makeup with light reflecting sequins, which is ideal for black hair color and you make me want to ruin it.As a true Mademoiselle, the singer has made "Phi", and throwing away the hated wig, retired from the set.We make sure to keep half the town, but did find a black wig, " says the designer Alina German. - Indeed, the black color is much better suited for lolita. Source: Lolita flatly refused becoming blonde (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Stas Pieha doesn't want to be empty `Popovica`

Stas Pieha doesn't want to be empty `Popovica`The graduate of "factory of stars" and grandson of the famous grandmother Stas Pieha on stage, playing mostly with songs that are considered to be "pop". However, the young man is preparing to show himself, to which no one has ever seen."Honestly, "pop music" no love, I'm in it temporarily," says the singer. Stas is busy preparing for publication his first book of poems, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Over these poems, the artist worked in the last ten years."I want to draw some line under a certain period of his life and move to another, more adult, perhaps. On the other hand, I want to show people that I'm not empty "Popovic" who can sing other people's songs," says Stas Pieha.His repertoire includes quite a few songs with lyrics of his compositions. "But it is a rarity," says Stas. Читать полностью -->

Alexey Tishchenko recognized as the best boxer

Alexey Tishchenko recognized as the best boxerRussian Alexey Tishchenko, world champion-2005, Europe-2006 and the Olympic games in 2004 was recognized as the best boxer in the world 2007 in all weight categories.This was announced by the international organization of news and ratings ABA Amateur Boxing Boxing. The only organization in the world, every month bringing similar statistics in Amateur Boxing, announced the final rankings for December 2007, ITAR-TASS reported.In the list on all weight categories Tishchenko (60 kg) took first place ahead of world champion Chinese Zou Simina (48 kg) and Olympic champion Bakhtiyar Artayev of Kazakhstan (75 kg). Among the ten best were two Russians - the world Champions-2007 Matvey Korobov, who took seventh place, and albert Selimov, received eighth place. In separate weight categories, the best steel three Russians - Sergey Vodopyanov (54 kg), Selimov (57 kg) and Tishchenko. Source: Alexey Tishchenko recognized as the best boxer. . Читать полностью -->

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