Ksenia Sobchak discovered the secret best gift

Ksenia Sobchak discovered the secret best giftTV presenter and socialite Ksenia Sobchak soon will celebrate her 26th birthday. On the eve of the girl told the most ridiculous gifts that were received by it in life, and much more."For me, as for any normal person, is important, not the cost of the gift, and attention, the warmth that has been invested in the gift," says Ksenia. - Gone to the people what I wear all the turtles, so the shards are giving me!". . . . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears wrote a farewell letter

Britney Spears wrote a farewell letterOne of the friends of the singer have found on her table in a bath full of unspeakable melancholy message.In the letter, Britney talks about how she's lonely, how unfair life is, how she is afraid to lose his boys and that you can no longer trust people. In "the cry of the soul" scandalous singer says: "I can never be who I want to see the surrounding. Might be better for all if I die...". . . . Читать полностью -->

Christina Aguilera came up with the name of the unborn child

Christina Aguilera came up with the name of the unborn childAlthough located on the sixth month of pregnancy Christina Aguilera did not bother to officially talk about his "interesting situation", she seems to have already chosen a name for the unborn child, according to the Gossip Girls.The singer, who is expecting a boy from her husband Jordan Bratman, have decided to name in honor of his wife. The other day Christina made at home reception for family and friends, dedicated to the unborn baby.An informed source told In Touch magazine: "She stroked her tummy and talked to the baby, calling it Jordy. All the guests brought gifts for the future of the boy, and only blue".Recently 26-year-old Aguilera with her husband saw shopped in the maternity store Bel Bambini in Beverly hills. Source: Christina Aguilera came up with the name of the unborn child. . . Читать полностью -->

Orlando bloom was involved in a car accident

Orlando bloom was involved in a car accident Last night a famous Hollywood actor Orlando bloom got into an accident, returning from a night club. He has not suffered, however 2 of the companion stars were injured, the Associated Press reports.How told the police, about two in the morning on Fountain Avenue in Los Angeles Toyota Orlando unexpectedly clipped another car. Bloom sharply turned the wheel, resulting in crashed into parked next to a Porsche.Officer Ana Ager added that the actor was sober and wasn't speeding. He believes that the whole incident was staged paparazzi.Pirate escaped with slight shock, can not be said about other passengers of his car. The woman sitting on the front seat, received a deep wound on the neck, and the other companion of the actor, who was in the back seat, a crack in the cervical spine. As it turned out, one of them is a childhood friend of the star. Читать полностью -->

New lover Anna Netrebko - macho from Uruguay

New lover Anna Netrebko - macho from UruguayHe is a true Latin American macho: muscular, masculine baritone and with a look that made women swoon. It is not surprising that 35-year-old Erwin Schrott from Uruguay called "the Marlon Brando of the Opera".Now the Austrian newspaper Рћsterreich reports that he is a new man, a famous Russian Opera singer Anna Netrebko, reports Bild.Back in June, in an interview Schrott did not hide his admiration for a colleague. "She is beautiful and incredibly smart," he said.Last week Netrebko for the first time spoke about her new lover. To the question about the breakup with his longtime partner Simon, Alberini 36-year-old Anna said, "I have a very good partner with whom I'm happy.". . . Читать полностью -->

Stellar girlfriend justify the work of the paparazzi

Stellar girlfriend justify the work of the paparazzi Stay for two English beauties, Jordan and her close friend, was the reason for the scandalous new photos. Jordan, recently again became a mother, was often hanging out at Nightclubs London. And each party is not complete without the scandalous pictures.I have the feeling that the supermodel herself begs for attention of the paparazzi.This time the scandal was the hike two best girlfriends in the London club. After visiting the hot spots, and a short, but very hot photo shoot for surrounded by the limo photographers, beauty decided to retire in his limousine.But or inattention girlfriend, or it was a special gesture from the model - and everyone opened on display ass Jordan!We can only rejoice that the young mother takes the example of Britney Spears - and under her short dress linen was used. Source: Star girlfriends justify the work of the paparazzi (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Lonely personal life Verka Serduchka

Lonely personal life Verka Serduchka"With all of my popularity I can't find a soul mate," admitted the artist Andrey Danilko in interview to the newspaper "Life"."Why? - reflects the Creator of the hugely popular in the former USSR and in Europe the image of Verka Serduchka. - Because I have a lot of requirements. So while I still live alone. More precisely, together with Verka. She's also not okay on the personal front. However... Читать полностью -->

Stolen baby photos of Dmitry Medvedev

Stolen baby photos of Dmitry MedvedevOn the day of the announcement of the name of the successor robbed the St. Petersburg school, which was attended by Vice-Premier Dmitry Medvedev: from the stand, dedicated to the famous graduate, lost photos with his personal autograph.How to involve school teachers N305, apparently, the photo was stolen "Souvenirs". They didn't even call the police because they are - the photos are unlikely to find. They already resold to Western collectors for big money, somehow believe teachers."The loss we have noticed in the evening, after school, said former classroom teacher Medvedev Vera Smirnova. - Approached the stand and was stunned - instead of pictures of my son were only white spots. We don't even know what to suggest! I believe the photo archive pulled guys!". Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton had a ball

Paris Hilton had a ballLooks like party girl Paris Hilton is not very upset with the news that her grandfather, the founder of the Empire hotel Barron Hilton, decided to donate most of his fortune ($2.3 billion) to charity because of bad behaviour granddaughter since the New year the star of a sex tape does not get out of the clubs.Paris symbolically throwing dollar bills at a party in a trendy Los Angeles club LAX. The socialite began the old right after she was released from prison, but last night she outdid herself. Wearing, the black spotted jacquard & logo socks and taking a hefty dose of alcohol, Paris danced on the table and kissed on the lips razvlekavshego in the club girl, says The Daily Mail.Recently, Hilton has finally brakes: a few days since the New year, saw her ex-husband of Britney Spears Kevin motherhood and even with the father of Anna Nicole Smith Larry Birkhadem. Note, it is disgusting behavior Paris was the main reason that forced Barron to deprive her of the inheritance.However, the girl that was supposed to receive about $ 50 million, not worried about the drastic reduction of the state. Paris, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, said last year that doesn't rely on your family in financial matters. Hilton said: "Everything I do, I do myself. Читать полностью -->

In `House-2` once again brewing wedding

In `House-2` once again brewing weddingThe romance between Semyon Frolov and Lena Buchenau that began in "the House-2", is threatening to end with a wedding. The guy already made his sweetheart, and she said Yes.Simon and Lena is far from perfect couple. Lovers often quarrel, another major falling-out occurred just before the New year. But eventually the boys found the strength to make peace and even begin to plan a future together. By the way, Frolov still worried about Lena made proposals of marriage. According to the guy that this happened to him for the first time.This is what I told the bride: "we had a contest for the most beautiful marriage proposal. Читать полностью -->

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