Early marriage Lolita turned her life around

Early marriage Lolita turned her life aroundSinger Lolita the first time I got married while still a student. Then the marriage broke up first for a fictitious marriage with a certain Alexander Milewski, and then for the next wedding with Alexander Tsekalo.The first husband of the singer, also named Alexander, it seems, still annoyed about the events of those years."Lolita was a student marriage," says the first husband of Lolita by Alexander Belyaev. - Be happy. Been able to deal with difficulties. Lolita was an excellent cook. From Tambov, where he studied, went to Odessa. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears appeared Topless in new music video

Britney Spears appeared Topless in new music video Britney Spears and leadership record label Jive decided to release a new album two weeks earlier than scheduled because some records have already appeared on the Internet.The first album of Britney Spears for four years under the name of Blackout will be released on October 30th in the US, and the day before that - in other countries. According to Jive, in cyberspace hit tracks from the album, unfinished material and demos.In particular, the public was necenzyrirana version video of Britney's song Gimme More, where the singer portrays acting on stage stripper. At the end of the clip you can see the bare chest of a celebrity. In the official video presented on the weekend, these frames are carved.Who asked to remain anonymous label stated: "in view of these multiple leaks, the label is doing everything possible to prevent any further illegal distribution of songs including moving the release date for the album on October 30".Initially it was assumed that Blackout will be released on November 13.25-year-old Spears is already released one single from the album is " Gimme More, which topped the Internet charts in the United States. The song was downloaded more than 179 thousand times.In addition, he is third on the hit parade Billboard's Hot 100, which is based on the radio and the number of downloads. Source: Britney Spears appeared Topless in new music video (video). Читать полностью -->

El McPherson demonstrates elegant shape

El McPherson demonstrates elegant shape 44-year-old world famous model can safely afford to dress in front of photographers, in front of the cameras of the paparazzi. El MacPherson went on holidays to the Australian coast in the company of brother Ben and surf instructors Rusty Miller.Recently around El rumors about her affair with Bryan Adams (Bryan Adams). The last couple times last month saw one of the London exhibitions. Source: El McPherson demonstrates elegant shape (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Masha Rasputina will lead to black slaves themselves

Masha Rasputina will lead to black slaves themselvesRasputin picks for a new home exclusively AfricansPop star Maria Rasputin has almost completed the construction of a new home.Another mansion celebrity, who grew up on the ruble on the site of the former house, impresses guests with its luxury. In addition to eight bedrooms and a huge living room, four-storey cottage accommodates a games room, gym, sauna, cinema, concert hall, winter garden and even its own SPA-salon. Furniture, custom, almost placed. The interiors of the new house Rasputina Palace style with the addition of ethnic motifs.Therefore, the selection of the maid Maria Ivanovna decided to come from an unexpected quarter. As a staff artist would like to see exclusively Africans and Asians. No racist motive in the desire no diva. Читать полностью -->

A Comedy about cancer patients, the elderly will become a leader in the rental

A Comedy about cancer patients, the elderly will become a leader in the rentalAfter two weeks the limited release Comedy with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman "Until he kicked the bucket" may deprive first-place lead in the U.S. two weeks the film "national Treasure: book of secrets".However, the film by Director Rob Reiner have to fight with the criminal Comedy with ice Cube "First Sunday" and also with the picture about teenage pregnancy "Juno", who held last week's second place, reports Reuters.Experts suggest that "Until he kicked the bucket" can earn up to $ 15 million is little more than predict "First Sunday" and "Juno". "Treasure" with Nicolas cage, who gathered this week 20 million with almost 50% loss of audience, is, according to experts, third place.Nicholson and Freeman play cancer patients men trying to live the last days of his life to the fullest. Two last weeks the film has been shown in 16 theaters in new York city, Los Angeles and Toronto. January 11 the geography of the premiere of Warner Bros. to expand to 2919 of theaters in the U.S. Читать полностью -->

David Beckham is destroying the planet

David Beckham is destroying the planetBritish environmentalists from the Carbon Trust found that football star David Beckham poses a serious threat to the ecosystem of our planet.According to them, Becks is personally responsible for the emissions of 163 tons of carbon dioxide annually.For comparison: on average Englishman accounted for only 9.4 per ton of emitted greenhouse carbon dioxide. It's possible that Beckham belongs to a kind of historical record in the rate of sahajwani of the Earth's atmosphere, according to ФактNews with reference to ShowBizSpy.com.Of course, these high rates do not mean that David breathes an order of magnitude more active than others. Just such is the price of his numerous travel-related football performances. In addition, the statistics only take into account the cost of fuel when using the numerous cars, as well as the costs of hydrocarbons on heating of its owned real estate.In 2007 former England captain flew more than 400 thousand kilometers is more than the distance from earth to the moon. And at home the star of the club with the galaxy and the father of three children has a whole fleet of 15 cars, including such prestigious brands as Porsche, Hummer and Lincoln Navigator.In this regard, the representative of the environmental organization Carbon Trust has hinted that it is time for the stars to think about the fate of the planet. "He needs to use his celebrity status to remind people about the harm that travel can cause the planet" - said the ecologist.The expert believes that, possessing a large fortune, Beckham has more opportunities to personally demonstrate their caring attitude towards the planet and its climate. Читать полностью -->

Malakhov and Rasputin was a disgrace to the show `Two star`

Malakhov and Rasputin was a disgrace to the show `Two star`Masha Rasputina and Andrey Malakhov became one of the brightest pairs of the project "Two stars". This Duo has only one, but very important problem: Malakhov absolutely can't sing.It is this fact from the outset doomed to fail a couple. Still, the show is about singing the experiments, and the presence and hearing abilities that rumor to apply in practice plays a key role.But, even knowing about the weaknesses of the partner, Rasputin agreed to participate in the show to pair with it."Andrew is a good guy, my friend. It was hard for me to refuse him. Although Andrew the bear on an ear has come and he does not know how to sing. I said to him immediately: "Well, I'll light. Читать полностью -->

Jasmine gives son her ex-husband

Jasmine gives son her ex-husbandThe scandalous divorce of singer Jasmine was in the past, and now the artist is forging a new life, and his 10-year-old son Misha. According to Jasmine, her ex-husband and the boy's father Vyacheslav Semenduev communicates with the child and even takes him to his.Of course, this does not pose a threat to maternal happiness of the singer. She even encourages a more or less long meeting seminueva with his son."I welcome the fact that he communicates with him," says Jasmine. It is good for the child. Misha with him every day calls up, talks, talks about progress at school. Dad once a week takes it and they go somewhere together. Читать полностью -->

A fan of `Tea for two` climbed into the shower to the soloist

A fan of `Tea for two` climbed into the shower to the soloist Namasivaya singer did not even know that because of the blinds watching him excited to the limit fan. Perfect body of the singer, his bulging muscles and torso drove fans crazy.Taking out the camera, she began to photograph Nude Stas!"I was shocked when in the shower room of the gym that I regularly visit, suddenly something flashed," says Stas. - Turned around, and in the middle of the room stands a girl with crazy eyes and photographed me!FanKostushkin urgently summoned the guards to the fitness club, which quickly overpowered Horny groupie and drove it on the street.- This girl I knew his long-time fan, " says Stas. - She's been stalking me for several years. I did not write a statement to the police, because she can't help their feelings. Although, I admit, this attention is a bit annoying. Читать полностью -->

Semenovich showed men underwear

Semenovich showed men underwearAnna Semenovich was, perhaps, the most brilliant participant of the project "Ice age". Fans of the show each time convinced of it, watching her performances.During the recent performances of the stars of "Ice age" in Kiev male half of the room admiringly watched the former soloist "Shining". The girl tried to hide her seductive form and at some point even demonstrated under dark Fox costume Alice red underwear, writes "KP-Ukraine".Singing second dance to the famous song "Ti Zh mene, pidmanula", Anna again made a splash. The girl dressed in colorful dress, from beneath which is clearly visible Lacy panties. Besides, according to eyewitnesses, the plunging neckline was put on public display chic bust - the main advantage of the artist.Semenovich was in good spirits and made a compliment to the Ukrainians, and along with itself."Still in Ukraine, the most beautiful girl," said Anna. "It's true, because I am half Ukrainian!". Читать полностью -->

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