Stellar girlfriend justify the work of the paparazzi

Stellar girlfriend justify the work of the paparazzi Stay for two English beauties, Jordan and her close friend, was the reason for the scandalous new photos. Jordan, recently again became a mother, was often hanging out at Nightclubs London. And each party is not complete without the scandalous pictures.I have the feeling that the supermodel herself begs for attention of the paparazzi.This time the scandal was the hike two best girlfriends in the London club. After visiting the hot spots, and a short, but very hot photo shoot for surrounded by the limo photographers, beauty decided to retire in his limousine.But or inattention girlfriend, or it was a special gesture from the model - and everyone opened on display ass Jordan!We can only rejoice that the young mother takes the example of Britney Spears - and under her short dress linen was used. Source: Star girlfriends justify the work of the paparazzi (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Lonely personal life Verka Serduchka

Lonely personal life Verka Serduchka"With all of my popularity I can't find a soul mate," admitted the artist Andrey Danilko in interview to the newspaper "Life"."Why? - reflects the Creator of the hugely popular in the former USSR and in Europe the image of Verka Serduchka. - Because I have a lot of requirements. So while I still live alone. More precisely, together with Verka. She's also not okay on the personal front. However... Читать полностью -->

Stolen baby photos of Dmitry Medvedev

Stolen baby photos of Dmitry MedvedevOn the day of the announcement of the name of the successor robbed the St. Petersburg school, which was attended by Vice-Premier Dmitry Medvedev: from the stand, dedicated to the famous graduate, lost photos with his personal autograph.How to involve school teachers N305, apparently, the photo was stolen "Souvenirs". They didn't even call the police because they are - the photos are unlikely to find. They already resold to Western collectors for big money, somehow believe teachers."The loss we have noticed in the evening, after school, said former classroom teacher Medvedev Vera Smirnova. - Approached the stand and was stunned - instead of pictures of my son were only white spots. We don't even know what to suggest! I believe the photo archive pulled guys!". Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton had a ball

Paris Hilton had a ballLooks like party girl Paris Hilton is not very upset with the news that her grandfather, the founder of the Empire hotel Barron Hilton, decided to donate most of his fortune ($2.3 billion) to charity because of bad behaviour granddaughter since the New year the star of a sex tape does not get out of the clubs.Paris symbolically throwing dollar bills at a party in a trendy Los Angeles club LAX. The socialite began the old right after she was released from prison, but last night she outdid herself. Wearing, the black spotted jacquard & logo socks and taking a hefty dose of alcohol, Paris danced on the table and kissed on the lips razvlekavshego in the club girl, says The Daily Mail.Recently, Hilton has finally brakes: a few days since the New year, saw her ex-husband of Britney Spears Kevin motherhood and even with the father of Anna Nicole Smith Larry Birkhadem. Note, it is disgusting behavior Paris was the main reason that forced Barron to deprive her of the inheritance.However, the girl that was supposed to receive about $ 50 million, not worried about the drastic reduction of the state. Paris, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, said last year that doesn't rely on your family in financial matters. Hilton said: "Everything I do, I do myself. Читать полностью -->

In `House-2` once again brewing wedding

In `House-2` once again brewing weddingThe romance between Semyon Frolov and Lena Buchenau that began in "the House-2", is threatening to end with a wedding. The guy already made his sweetheart, and she said Yes.Simon and Lena is far from perfect couple. Lovers often quarrel, another major falling-out occurred just before the New year. But eventually the boys found the strength to make peace and even begin to plan a future together. By the way, Frolov still worried about Lena made proposals of marriage. According to the guy that this happened to him for the first time.This is what I told the bride: "we had a contest for the most beautiful marriage proposal. Читать полностью -->

The British library has acquired the archive of Nobel laureate

The British library has acquired the archive of Nobel laureateThe British library has acquired the personal archive of Nobel prize in literature for 2005 playwright and poet Harold Pinter.Library with the largest collection of books in the United Kingdom, paid 2,24 million dollars for unique documents, including original plays and correspondence 77-year-old Pinter with prominent contemporaries, in particular, with Samuel Beckett, ITAR-TASSThe artistic heritage of the recognized classics of postwar British drama, fit in 150 boxes, also includes drafts, photographs, copies of electronic letters and the manuscript is still unpublished memoir about the early years of Pinter - "the Queen of all fairy tales." Selected works of native of London will be presented in the exhibition in the library from 11 January to 13 April.The head of the Department of manuscripts of the contemporary literature of the British library's Jamie Andrews called the acquisition of the archive of "the greatest living Russian playwright" an incredible success . "This is a great collection sheds new light on every stage of a half-century of creativity Pinter, said Andrews. And we strive to make it available to researchers, to make our contribution to the celebration of the life and work of a master".In 2005, Pinter announced that says goodbye to drama: "I created the drum 29" isn't that enough?". Among the most famous plays, in the words of critics, "theater of the absurd or Comedy threats", - "birthday"(1957), the Caretaker (1960), "Betrayal" (1978). In Russia, Pinter drama became known in the 90-ies of the productions of Vladimir Mirzoev, Yuri Butusov, Yuri Pogrebnichko.In his works, according to the researchers and admirers of Pinter, it "unlocks confined spaces of oppression, restores the true principles of theatre: limited space and unpredictable dialogue. Pinter never concealed his anti-war views, and in the collection of poems of the year 2003 "War" he condemned the Iraqi conflict. Читать полностью -->

Kandelaki was seriously injured

Kandelaki was seriously injuredTina Kandelaki was seriously injured ankle joint. The accident occurred during training in judo. According to the renowned TV presenter, she slipped badly on the Mat.- I had no idea that my workouts can lead to injury, says Kandelaki. - I've been doing judo for more than six months, and this is my first injury.According to the coach of Tina, a celebrity just didn't calculate the trajectory during the throw and fell. The doctor advised Kandelaki to rest your leg and give her a big load, the newspaper "Life". Source: Kandelaki was seriously injured. Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva has not hide any feelings for Galkin

Pugacheva has not hide any feelings for Galkin At the party, dedicated to the 30th anniversary model Oksana Lavrentieva, Alla Borisovna has opened the heart with guests. Embracing the Maxim, 58-year-old diva, has admitted that the parodist is her favorite person.After this Frank confession of doubt in their close relationships already none left.Pugacheva recently infrequently spoils the admirers of her talent performances. So her appearance at a private party was a real event. And it should be noted that the joint statement divas with the parodist was probably the most expensive gift for the birthday girl.EveningPugachev came to an expensive restaurant in the midst of the celebration. Maxim had already entertained the guests as the master.Alla arrived close to midnight - as it turned out, right from the train. She went into the dressing room when the scene came the voice Galkina, singing something from the repertoire Baskov. Читать полностью -->

In Russia fashionable to give a holiday pop star (price)

In Russia fashionable to give a holiday pop star (price)It's time for Christmas and new year holidays. Who wants to make your celebration unforgettable, can invite a celebrity, the benefit of a lack of supply no.Prices for stars and stars begin from several thousand euros. The newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published the price list for Russian celebrities, who are now most likely to order at a corporate party for the New year, while the German Bild quotes the prices of some Western stars.Russian celebrities1. Comedy Club - from 20 thousand dollars2. Zhanna Friske - 15 thousand euros.3. Pugacheva Alla - from 70 thousand euros4."VIA Gra" - 20 thousand dollars5. Читать полностью -->

Stardom Friske nearly cost her career

Stardom Friske nearly cost her careerTwelfth ceremony, perhaps the most prestigious award in the country - "Golden gramophone" - and this time has not passed without incident. The biggest scandal was the group "Brilliant" and her new soloist Natalia Friske.The young singer because of his negligence endangered the statement is just "brilliant" team.Before she could take the place of honor of his older sister in the group "Brilliant", as the producer of the band stated that Friske Jr. leaves the group.The singer arrived to the ceremony with a delay of two hours. While the girls were ready for their exit, Friske, Jr. was calmly sipping tea with her star sister Jeanne. But this "paillette" tried to hide, deceiving the producer of the band, which is an hour could not get an answer from the girl in the Kremlin.- I am stuck in traffic, " she said to the organizers when they panic about her absence.ScandalAs found "Z", Natasha in the evening went to my sister's for a dress, despite an agreement with the team to come to the Kremlin for an hour before performances. Читать полностью -->

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