Spacious Jolie dress hid her pregnancy

Spacious Jolie dress hid her pregnancyAngelina Jolie was in the spotlight last Sunday night in Los Angeles the ceremony "Awards screen actors Guild screen Actors Guild Awards).Spacious and long dress of the actress once again fueled rumors about her pregnancy.In the event Jolie came in accompanied by her lover brad pitt. She was nominated for the prize for best female role of the first plan in the movie "brave heart", however, as a result remained without awards.Just last week, the American tabloid Star announced the news that Angelina supposedly pregnant, and with twins.On previous social event, where a 32-year-old Jolie, namely at the ceremony Critics` Choice Awards, which took place on 7 January, the actress also gave rise to rumors. Photos Jolie saw slightly raised stomach. In addition, while brad drank beer, and the others at the table - champagne, Jolie drank only water.Meanwhile, the winners of the Guild awards are the actors of the television series "the Sopranos" - they got the statues in the major categories in the category television series: James Gandolfini over here received the award for the title role, Edie Falco won similar in the women's category, best recognized and ensemble cast in "the Sopranos", RIA "Novosti".The actors who played in the movie "no country for Old men", won two awards - for best ensemble cast in a motion picture and for best actor the second plan (Javier Bardem).Guild awards screen actors are awarded annually in 13 nominations: five of them are acting work in films, eight television work. Source: Spacious Jolie dress hid her pregnancy. . Читать полностью -->

Boris Schneiderman awarded the medal of Pushkin

Boris Schneiderman awarded the medal of PushkinThe Pushkin medal was awarded on Monday living in Brazil doctor of philological Sciences, lecturer, University of sГЈo Paulo, translator and popularizer of Russian literature, Boris Shneiderman.The ceremony took place in the Consulate General of Russia in Sao Paulo, reports ITAR-TASS.The Russian Ambassador in Brazil, Vladimir Tyurdenev, handing state awards, stressed that the medal of Pushkin - the best way to celebrate the great contribution of Shneiderman "in dissemination, learning the Russian language and the preservation of cultural heritage, rapprochement and mutual enrichment of cultures of Nations and nationalities".According to Shneiderman, this award is especially important for him because all his childhood he read Pushkin. "I was born in Russia in 1917, at the age of eight was taken to Brazil, and not to forget Russian language, read the works of Alexander and rewriting them in a notebook," said the scholar. Source: Boris Schneiderman awarded the medal of Pushkin. . . . Читать полностью -->

Bachinsky was killed in an accident because of a broken wheel

Bachinsky was killed in an accident because of a broken wheelInvestigators believe that the accident, which killed radio host Gennady Bachinsky, could occur due to a broken wheel. Initially, all data suggested that Bachinsky himself to blame in the accident.However, now in the hands of investigators was evidence that Gennady Bachinsky was lost due to technical problems your car Volkswagen Golf, says "Your day". Recall that popular radio and TV presenter died 12 January on the road with cottages in Moscow. Making overtaking a moving truck, Gennady has left on an oncoming lane. But, before he could change his number in front of the truck, he head-on collided with a minibus Volkswagen Transporter coming in the opposite lane.It was assumed that, being an inexperienced driver, he ventured to go on a dangerous maneuver. The scheme of the accident, which totaled the traffic police, showed that the braking distance of the driver of the Transporter was only three meters. Читать полностью -->

The new sex image of Joss stone

The new sex image of Joss stone The story of Joss stone similar to the Cinderella fairy tale. Yesterday she was an unknown ordinary girl from the English countryside, but today her name is put on a par with the recognized stars of soul music.Parents Joss stone always knew that their daughter has a good voice, but neither they nor the heroine of our story not even imagined that someday she will be a singer and be famous all over the world.A former blonde, Joss have shocked the audience with his new image. No one would argue that sexuality she still does not take away some... Source: the New sex image of Joss stone (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

In the urine Britney Spears found drugs

In the urine Britney Spears found drugsAs reported in U.S. reports, one of the tests Britney Spears on drugs has been positive. Last week, the urine of the singer tested positive, reports The Sun.Pop star is required to undergo regular drug tests, to be able to visit their children, two-year-old Sean Preston and one-year-old Jayden James. Last week the lawyer of her ex-husband Kevin Federline, Vincent Kaplan, said that Britney missed eight of the fourteen scheduled tests and now one of them, according to informed sources, gave a positive result.Kaplan and attorney Brittney Ann Keeley, instructed to present to the judge Scott Gordon, who is conducting a Spears and Federline, a new schedule drug testing, because, according to Keeley, "pop star of the first magnitude" can't get up early to be tested for drugs.Meanwhile, another close to Spears source told OK magazine! the rumors about the discovery of her drugs is not true. "The only substance that has been identified during tests is for prescription a drug provigil against narcolepsy who prescribed the singer's doctor. No illicit drugs, and even alcohol in any of the tests was not" - said the source. Читать полностью -->

Ksenia Sobchak discovered the secret best gift

Ksenia Sobchak discovered the secret best giftTV presenter and socialite Ksenia Sobchak soon will celebrate her 26th birthday. On the eve of the girl told the most ridiculous gifts that were received by it in life, and much more."For me, as for any normal person, is important, not the cost of the gift, and attention, the warmth that has been invested in the gift," says Ksenia. - Gone to the people what I wear all the turtles, so the shards are giving me!". . . . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears wrote a farewell letter

Britney Spears wrote a farewell letterOne of the friends of the singer have found on her table in a bath full of unspeakable melancholy message.In the letter, Britney talks about how she's lonely, how unfair life is, how she is afraid to lose his boys and that you can no longer trust people. In "the cry of the soul" scandalous singer says: "I can never be who I want to see the surrounding. Might be better for all if I die...". . . . Читать полностью -->

Christina Aguilera came up with the name of the unborn child

Christina Aguilera came up with the name of the unborn childAlthough located on the sixth month of pregnancy Christina Aguilera did not bother to officially talk about his "interesting situation", she seems to have already chosen a name for the unborn child, according to the Gossip Girls.The singer, who is expecting a boy from her husband Jordan Bratman, have decided to name in honor of his wife. The other day Christina made at home reception for family and friends, dedicated to the unborn baby.An informed source told In Touch magazine: "She stroked her tummy and talked to the baby, calling it Jordy. All the guests brought gifts for the future of the boy, and only blue".Recently 26-year-old Aguilera with her husband saw shopped in the maternity store Bel Bambini in Beverly hills. Source: Christina Aguilera came up with the name of the unborn child. . . Читать полностью -->

Orlando bloom was involved in a car accident

Orlando bloom was involved in a car accident Last night a famous Hollywood actor Orlando bloom got into an accident, returning from a night club. He has not suffered, however 2 of the companion stars were injured, the Associated Press reports.How told the police, about two in the morning on Fountain Avenue in Los Angeles Toyota Orlando unexpectedly clipped another car. Bloom sharply turned the wheel, resulting in crashed into parked next to a Porsche.Officer Ana Ager added that the actor was sober and wasn't speeding. He believes that the whole incident was staged paparazzi.Pirate escaped with slight shock, can not be said about other passengers of his car. The woman sitting on the front seat, received a deep wound on the neck, and the other companion of the actor, who was in the back seat, a crack in the cervical spine. As it turned out, one of them is a childhood friend of the star. Читать полностью -->

New lover Anna Netrebko - macho from Uruguay

New lover Anna Netrebko - macho from UruguayHe is a true Latin American macho: muscular, masculine baritone and with a look that made women swoon. It is not surprising that 35-year-old Erwin Schrott from Uruguay called "the Marlon Brando of the Opera".Now the Austrian newspaper Рћsterreich reports that he is a new man, a famous Russian Opera singer Anna Netrebko, reports Bild.Back in June, in an interview Schrott did not hide his admiration for a colleague. "She is beautiful and incredibly smart," he said.Last week Netrebko for the first time spoke about her new lover. To the question about the breakup with his longtime partner Simon, Alberini 36-year-old Anna said, "I have a very good partner with whom I'm happy.". . . Читать полностью -->

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