Tsekalo secretly married a girl younger than his 24 years

Tsekalo secretly married a girl younger than his 24 yearsWedding 47-year-old Alexander Tsekalo was a complete surprise even to those closest to him. Few believed that after the scandalous divorce with Lolita the popular TV host and showman again want to tie the knot.But the 23-year-old Victoria did something that could not do previous girlfriend Tsekalo, to become his lawful wife.The wedding ceremony took place on the eve of the New year, and immediately after the celebration, the newlyweds went on their honeymoon in Mauritius. In order to have more time to spend with his young wife, Alexander had to check in with the Director of the First channel Konstantin Ernst. Director of entertainment and broadcasting has asked the leadership of the additional week of vacation for holidays. The authorities were sympathetic to the changes in his life and released Tsekalo in additional leave.MysteryEven for friends Tsekalo his wedding was a revelation. Most of them learned about this significant event after the fact.- For example, I learned about it from his wife, " says the Director of the series "My fair nanny" and the Christmas program "the Big difference" Alexey Kirushenko. Читать полностью -->

Joseph Kobzon has conquered Matvienko

Joseph Kobzon has conquered MatvienkoJoseph Kobzon touched by his speech the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko.At his recent concert in the Northern capital the singer dedicated the guest of honour and his longtime girlfriend Valentina Ivanovna song about Leningrad. Mrs. Matvienko remember the past - as in his time at the celebration of the 80 th anniversary of Komsomol she sang together with the people's artist of the USSR Iosif Kobzon and Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Source: Joseph Kobzon conquered Matvienko. . Читать полностью -->

Depp has donated to the hospital for 1 million pounds

Depp has donated to the hospital for 1 million poundsActor johnny Depp secretly visited the pediatric hospital "great Ormond Street" to donate to the hospital for a million pounds, thanking the hospital staff for saving the life of his daughter Lily-rose. About it reports The Daily Mail.According to the publication, Depp recently invited five doctors and nurses of the hospital to celebrate with him the premiere of the musical "Sweeney Todd" (Sweeney Todd), in which the actor played the main role. And in November 2007 Depp, dressed in the costume of Jack Sparrow, a character from the film "Pirates of the Caribbean, spent a few hours in the hospital, telling tales of her patients.Eight-year-old daughter Depp was hospitalized in late February 2007, her diagnosis, the doctors have not disclosed so far. It is assumed that she had sepsis. Depp and his wife Vanessa Paradis constantly visited the chamber of his daughter.The couple Depp-Paradis there are still six year old son Jack. Source: Depp has donated to the hospital for 1 million pounds. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears brought the party with 4 other people's coats

Britney Spears brought the party with 4 other people's coatsBritney Spears may have to give an explanation on allegations of stealing. The fallen pop star is suspected of stealing four coats.Spears, who recently turned 26 years old, allegedly took coats total cost of $ 28,200 with a party on the occasion of his birthday at the Scandinavian mansion, which was held last Saturday, the site of th AHN.The event was held in Belle Era (California) and was dedicated to the promotion of Scandinavian brands in the U.S. market. For PR it was invited by Britney, which appeared in the evening together with their environment.The birthday girl was presented with a chocolate cake that says "happy birthday Britney". Friends and a few guests gathered around her table and sang the traditional "happy birthday To you..". Also holiday came Paris Hilton, who later joined Britney and they went to continue the fun in the hotel.This is not the first time Britney accused of stealing. Читать полностью -->

Milla Jovovich after birth was slightly worse since then

Milla Jovovich after birth was slightly worse since then Milla Jovovich celebrated his 32 birthday quiet and family - together with the civil husband Paul Anderson at Koi restaurant in Los Angeles.Milocca, of course, not yet come fully into shape after giving birth - because her little ever Gabo total a month, but slender milky not far off. Source: Milla Jovovich after birth was slightly worse since then (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Abdulov secretly treated by sorcerers

Abdulov secretly treated by sorcerersCancer-stricken actor Alexander Abdulov secretly visited an ancient monastery in the mountains of Tibet, where he spent 10 days. Abdulov went to Tibet on a Charter flight from Moscow through Kyrgyzstan, accompanied by his friends, writes "Your day".Earlier it was reported that after visiting Kyrgyzstan Abdulov returned to Israeli hospital "Ichilov" and preparing for surgery to remove a cancerous lung tumor, which he refused to do in Moscow, citing inefficiency.Alexander Abdulov spent ten days in a Tibetan monastery. According to "Your day" a close friend of the actor from the theatre, he was going to a Tibetan healer. "Sasha had to stay a few months in the monastery, but he left after ten days," he added.As notes the edition, to get into a Tibetan monastery. To obtain the consent of the monks, healers, the sick person must be the so-called conductor - the person who has to monastic life, which "asks" for needing help. "Now to help him first of all prayer. Читать полностью -->

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