Died granddaughter of Winston Churchill

Died granddaughter of Winston ChurchillIn the UK died granddaughter of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill Arabella Spencer Churchill.This was announced today by her husband, Ian McLeod. 58-year-old granddaughter of the famous British politician suffered a terrible disease, pancreatic cancer. In recent months, the doctors assessed her condition as serious, and Arabella was forced to be in the hospital.But finally knocked down the famed heiress yesterday's decision of the Australian court, which sentenced a great-grandson of Churchill, the son of Arabella Nicholas Barton to three years in prison for drug smuggling. In November of this year living in Australia, a descendant of the British Prime Minister was voted Sydney court guilty to unlawful delivery of a large batch of ecstasy pills valued at $13 million considering the fact that these illegal acts Barton was committed within a criminal group, he was threatened with a prison term of up to 20 years, however, the judge limited himself to a very mild sentence of the right to parole after 20 months in prison.The sentence is also defined since the detention of Barton, which was held last year. Thus the 34-year-old descendant of Churchill may be released in February 2008. In making such a merciful verdict, believed to be the judge took into account a secondary position in Barton criminal group and severe physical condition of his mother.Arabella Churchill throughout his life was active in charity. Читать полностью -->

Schwarzenegger banned in California same-sex marriage

Schwarzenegger banned in California same-sex marriageCalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill authorizing the state of gay marriage, reports the AP.The Republican Governor rejected on Friday a bill put forward by belonging to a Democratic party member of the Legislative Assembly of the state, stating that he will continue to veto such initiatives.In his opinion, to solve this issue should not the Legislature, and the state Supreme court.While Schwarzenegger emphasized that "sexual orientation Californians should not serve as a pretext for the infringement of their rights".The representative of human rights organization of the state, advocating for the rights of sexual minorities, said the decision of the Governor "extremely hypocritical". Source: Schwarzenegger banned in California same-sex marriage. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears is going to marry the paparazzi

Britney Spears is going to marry the paparazziAccording to the tabloids, pop star Britney Spears is going to marry her boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Alibom - so the singer tries to regain the right to custody of their children.Recently Britney Spears, published twice married, consulted with his lawyers about the "very possible wedding with Adnan Alibom. A source close to the star, claims that lawyers Britney confident that the talks will inevitably be followed by a wedding."Her parents also met with lawyers. They discussed the consequences of the sudden wedding, recognizing that Britney Spears is not in himself while under the influence of drugs prescribed to her. She doesn't realize what he was doing," said the source. Source: Britney Spears is going to marry the paparazzi. . Читать полностью -->

Died in USA legendary soul singer IKE Turner

Died in USA legendary soul singer IKE TurnerIn the USA in San Diego died a famous singer IKE Turner, a legend of American music in the style of Saul. He died on Thursday at the 77th year of life.IKE Turner was the most popular in the 1960-ies of the last century. He entered the so-called Hall of fame rock-n-roll. IKE was also known as a virtuoso guitarist and pianist. Some experts believe that it is IKE recorded the first rock ' n ' roll in 1951.In 1956, in one of the Nightclubs IKE Turner met Anna Mae Bullock, which was destined to go down in history of music, under the name of Tina Turner. IKE invited a girl in their group a backing vocalist. Читать полностью -->

The builders planted Ksusha Novikova `pig`

The builders planted Ksusha Novikova `pig`Participant of "Brilliant" Ksenia Novikova decided to start a new life. Sexy actress left the promoted team and changed the place of residence.Instead of a two-bedroom apartment on the Leningrad highway 28-year-old pop singer bought a three-pointer in the center of Moscow. Buy girl cost nearly $ 800,000, but was worth the money: quiet street, nice view from the window. However, no trouble is still not done. Artist heard about the wiles of the builders, but I never thought that I would see this myself.Xenia was demanding landlady and several times reprimanded by a team of builders for poor performance. They piled on her pig. Читать полностью -->

Leontiev attacked fans

Leontiev attacked fansValery Leontiev during his solo performances in Tula was literally attacked by fans.At a time when Valery performed the song, an older woman made it through a huge amount of protection, pulled from the bag a bottle of vodka and handed it to Leontiev."You know, I actually don't drink," loudly into the microphone said Leontiev. But from the viewer I surely will.Throughout the song, Leont'ev and held the bottle in his hands. Only after the end of the concert gave the "bubble" the guard with the words: "Well, at least someone it will be useful". Source: Leontief was attacked by the fans. . . Читать полностью -->

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