Alena Sviridova fills the void, buying cars

Alena Sviridova fills the void, buying carsSinger Alena Sviridova after breaking up with the father of his second son, Dmitry Miroshnichenko in no hurry to re-connect my life with any man. But unfortunately, I can not hide the fact that she already has a new love.However, to the men that love has no direct relationship. The fact is that now Sviridov in love with your car."I loved their cars, perhaps, as men, - the singer admits. - The first BMW gave me. Then for my birthday I bought a Cadillac. Incredibly stylish, with Golden inscriptions, which are regularly stripped by vandals. Читать полностью -->

Madonna has spent all his fortune on Holy water

Madonna has spent all his fortune on Holy waterPop Queen descends over $10,000 a month for water, consecrated in Kabbalistic temple."Madonna need a lot of water, this is the secret of her diet - shared personal trainer to the stars," and consecrated cabalistic water is the only liquid that the singer is drinking itself and allows you to drink their children!". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The fugitive from `Home-2` haunting misery

The fugitive from `Home-2` haunting miseryWe already wrote about that recently in the "House-2" there was an emergency. With the telestroyki escaped semen Frolov. A few days from a guy there's been no sign. Remaining on the project girl Lena Frolova Buchina was just so shocked at the sudden disappearance.Especially by this act looked very ugly.Recall, Frolov disappeared after a difficult conversation with the Sun. She Seeds in the final of the competition "the master of the "House-2", and the guy has promised in case of victory to share with her half the money. The sun, in turn, wanted to transfer the money of the daughter of the deceased ex-participants of the project Kristina Kalinina.In the end, Simon got the money, but with the Sun not to share in a hurry. Читать полностью -->

Abramovich is going to Israel to support the national team of Russia

Abramovich is going to Israel to support the national team of RussiaToday on 40-thousand stadium "Ramat Gan in Israel Russian national team on football will hold in Israel almost decisive match in the qualifying tournament of the European Championship-2008. This event offers millions of Russians.Our need to win. It was the defeat of the Israelites wards Guus Hiddink in the final part of the Championship.In tel Aviv has already flown thousands of fans at hotels, in the car rental office cars... the Police are working in emergency mode.In addition to ordinary Russians, look at the match plan many famous people. The head of audit chamber Sergey Stepashin, the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, actor Mikhail Shirvindt and many others already in tel Aviv. And, of course, it is expected the arrival of Roman Abramovich. Читать полностью -->

Evgenia Kryukova liked to be naked

Evgenia Kryukova liked to be naked Actress Yevgeniya Kryukova agreed to second shoot for the magazine "Playboy". The first time she starred in 2001.The main requirement of the actress was non-standard for local stars - a minimum of boasting, stylistic frills, jewels, things, makeup; max - naturalness.On the set of Eugene behaved professionally, understanding that you need the photographer from her, and what she needs from the result. The shot turned out Frank, Western-stylish, with a hint of home-photo and effect "spying". According to the staff of the magazine, when it comes to photographs they almost never used Photoshop, as the actress is in excellent physical shape.Interestingly, before Eugene've always used doubles in sex scenes of movies. In this shooting Eugene chose to play all Frank's role. Earlier the actress herself did not participate not only Frank, but also in dangerous scenes in a movie, it always replaced stunt. Читать полностью -->

This Sunday was the final of `American idol 7`

This Sunday was the final of `American idol 7`This Sunday, finally, was the final of the seventh "American idol". He was to be held a week earlier, but the show organizers decided to postpone it in order to increase the hype around the project. And they quite succeeded.Few expected that a 20-Yaya Prikhodko will take first place. First place all predicted or Duo Bis (Bikbaev-Sokolov), or glamorous handsome Mark Tishman. But I won "dark horse" Prikhodko. Mark took second place, and third was the idea of "Yin-Yang" and "Encore".The winners got not only the places, but very tangible prizes. Читать полностью -->

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