Paul McCartney was made a `secret` heart surgery

Paul McCartney was made a `secret` heart surgerySir Paul McCartney was made a "secret" heart surgery in 2007. Details of the incident hit the press just after the New year.According to the newspaper The Telegraph, a 65-year-old musician was made coronary angioplasty, surgery is needed to expand the blood vessels of the heart.The press attache of sir Paul confirmed that the former "beatle" had surgery that was planned, and said that it happened in the fall. McCartney quickly recovered: in December he visited the patients of children's hospital great Ormond Street and was recorded in the Christmas program radio BBC2 together with Kylie Minogue.2007 was a difficult one for the musician because of his divorce from Heather mills. By the beginning of January 2008 for the former spouse failed to reach mutually acceptable financial terms of the divorce. Source: Paul McCartney was made a "secret" heart surgery. . Читать полностью -->

`Not angels` prepare to win `Eurovision-2008`

`Not angels` prepare to win `Eurovision-2008` The Duo Neangely" already started recording the English-language hit, the name of which is currently held in strict confidence. This week will begin shooting the film clip sexy ladies show on the court fans in two versions: English and Russian.Now Victoria and the Glory of finishing a new single in the Studio.In an interview with "Neangely" told about one of the secrets of their unique voices - girls specially smoke cigars, which gives their voices custom sound and low tone. The group believes that the Eurovision song contest-2008 by level of vocal they just will not be equal.Despite his busy touring schedule, the girls are very responsible attitude to the preparation of her performance at Eurovision: prepare outrageous costumes and put an original dance production.The struggle for the right to represent Ukraine on the popular European competition will be hot, because with "Neangely" part in the qualifying round will take and the "A. R. M. I. Читать полностью -->

The rating of diseases, constantly disturbing stars

The rating of diseases, constantly disturbing starsThey meet with supermodels and make millions on the promotional tour. Their names are known to all. However, as mere mortals, fabulously wealthy celebrities concerned about the problems associated with health, writes Forbes.According to a survey recently conducted among attorneys actors and musicians, most of their customers are afraid of the problems associated with heart disease. Also concerns among celebrities causes cancer. Meanwhile, most of the stars deem necessary constant trips to the gym to keep fit.A large number of stars are afraid of mental illness and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, the fear of the celebrities the opportunity to get injured in the accident, and complications after plastic surgery.The survey was conducted by Prince & associates, engaged in research in the field of health. Читать полностью -->


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