Zemfira rests on some stimulants

Zemfira rests on some stimulantsHalf an hour before the concert in Novosibirsk Zemfira has suddenly become so bad that I had to urgently call an ambulance.- The case was very unusual, " admitted "Z" Anatoly Shvedov, Director of the sports Palace, which hosted a performance by the singer. Doctors examined Zemfira and gave her a stimulant. After that it got better. But we are not doctors released. Help Zemfira could need at any time! So her concert she worked under the watchful eye of five doctors who were on duty behind the scenes.Despite the extremely poor health, "girl-scandal" refused to cancel his concert."You know, I was a little unwell," she told fans in a tired voice. But don't worry, this is not so bad...However, despite this comforting statement, deadly pale, the singer was a mess. Читать полностью -->

Roberto Cavalli: Lopez really pregnant

Roberto Cavalli: Lopez really pregnantDesigner Roberto Cavalli has officially confirmed what the rumor for several months: Jennifer Lopez really pregnant.As a person that develops clothing for the famous singer and actress, he as no one else needs to know.The question журналаPeople about what types of clothes he invents for his famous clients, he said, "Jennifer Lopez, for example, currently requires very special clothes, because she is pregnant"."It is very difficult, because every week it becomes more and more," added the designer Tuesday in new York to demonstrate their vodka under the brand Roberto Cavalli Vodka, which he now produces.Cavalli has designed for 38-year-old singer's many wide and loose outfits. "Jennifer Lopez is a singer and a dancer," says Cavalli. - Most of the performers for their tours want to get very loose clothing so that they can move freely".Meanwhile, press Secretary Lopez refused to comment on statements by Roberto Cavalli. Source: Roberto Cavalli: Lopez really pregnant. . . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow will name the winners `Triumph`

In Moscow will name the winners `Triumph`The laureates of the Russian independent award "Triumph" for the year 2007 4 December will be announced in Moscow. This award, which celebrates the highest achievements in literature and art, has been awarded since 1992.The award "Triumph", established by the project writer Zoe boguslawska, every year is unchanged and is equivalent to 300 thousand dollars. Each winner will receive 50 thousand dollars, a statuette of "Golden elf" made by the sketch by Ernst Neizvestny, a gold badge and diploma, ITAR-TASS reported.In addition, since 2000 Triumph established incentive grants for young talents, the winners of which will be handed on 2,5 thousand dollars. In 2006, their total number amounted to 18 people.During the existence of this prestigious award were marked with well-known musicians, writers, actors, journalists. Among the winners - Sviatoslav Richter, Alfred Schnittke, Viktor Astaf'ev, Vasil Bykov, Valery Gergiev, Danelia, Pyotr Fomenko, and many others.The winners of the "Triumph" in 2006 were only four people, not five as previously: composer Sofia Gubaidulina, film Director Eldar Ryazanov, the Ukrainian actor Bohdan Stupka and rock musician Yury Shevchuk.Nominations are the prerogative of the jury members. Each jury member has the right to nominate one nominee, after viewing the materials and deliberations of the jury members by secret ballot determined the winners.As a rule, no more than five. Читать полностью -->

Alexander Kushnir found a replacement Zemfira

Alexander Kushnir found a replacement ZemfiraThe stars of show business, these by themselves do not become, even the most talented didn't make it themselves - an axiom. And when I accidentally catch the edge of the ear "he had made himself", that quiet smile, looking mainly at the floor.Because there are artists and there are people who "made", even if these people were given to him by circumstances, and only pushed a talent on the rise.So messy and rude I'm talking about the producers and PR people. And I mean that one of the main events of the last week was the birthday of one of the main publicists of Russia. To his twenty-ninth birthday Alexander Kushnir (known journalist, publicist, statesman of show business) published the book "the Headliners".Indeed, his PR Agency "Kushnir Production" is a major supplier of "star" of news occasions in almost all media, as among his clients you can find the names of a good half of the artists and players of our show business. That's about the most-most, about "their" headliners, Kushnir and wrote the book, so to speak, to show people how it really is. The main characters of the book are: may tea, Boris Grebenshikov, Ilya Lagutenko, Maxim Fadeev, Zemfira, Glucose, Leonid Burlakov, Ilya Kormiltsev.What does "may tea"? Explain. Читать полностью -->

Angelina Vovk `outdated` as TV presenter

Angelina Vovk `outdated` as TV presenterFamous TV presenter angelina Vovk virtually excluded from participation in the program "song of the year". Now transmit will be TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva and singer Sergey Lazarev.We will remind, until recently the undisputed top of the "Songs" were angelina Vovk and Eugene Menchov. But last year the situation has changed.When working on the program attracted Alla Pugacheva, the former wheel drive went out of business. During the filming of "Song of the year-2006" Alla Borisovna has behaved strangely: Vovk and Menshova she offered to announce the release of the artists behind the scenes, appearing on the stage.Presenters were extremely offended. Because they, along with Pugacheva preparing for the program, prepared remarks, but in the end they didn't even let out to the public."Unable to endure the humiliation of it, we just drove away," recalls Eugene Menchov."It was a public slap in the face, - expressed his opinion angelina Vovk.In her view, the conflict occurred because of the fact that Pugachev as "revenge" for all the time that the public broadcaster would not let her on the "Song of the year".She Alla didn't talk with the now former leading "Song of the year", writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". This year she just wasn't invited Menshov and Vovk lead the program, a record which will take place on 9 December in a "Olympic"."Leading concert will be Lera and singer Sergey Lazarev," said Joe."Yes, Zhenya will not this year leading "Song of the year. Читать полностью -->

Scarlett Johansson was offered to play lady Di

Scarlett Johansson was offered to play lady DiActress Scarlett Johansson was offered the role of Princess Diana in a new biographical film on the life of lady Di.Director of the film made by Michael Bay.Director Michael Bay thinks that Scarlett will certainly choose the image of the "reasonable person", although this is a very versatile actress," said one member of the crew.The heroine of the film lost in translation already familiar with Michael Baum (pearl Harbor, transformers). In 2005, Bay directed the movie the Island with Johansson in the lead role.It should be noted that in the nearest plans of Scarlett Johansson, which was included in the list of the richest young stars are shooting in several films, including: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, you Just don't like him, Spirit, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.In addition, on may 20, 2008 is slated to release debut music album Johansson called Anywhere I Lay My Head. The album will contain 11 tracks. Ten of them are new versions of works by Tom waits (Tom Waits), the album includes only one original composition. Itself Johansson prefers to call these songs "interpretations" and not covers.The name Anywhere I Lay My Head also borrowed their creativity waits. That was the name of one of the songs that were included on the album Rain Dogs 1985 issue. Читать полностью -->

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