Swimming champion `lit up` in the Network naked

Swimming champion `lit up` in the Network naked French swimmer Laura Manadhoo, world record holder, has not the joyful moments of his life. Despite winning two races in Debrecen, which last week passed the European championship on short water, Laura now not to be envied.The laurels of the champion couldn't save the girl from scandal, but rather only fueled interest in the personal life of Laura.Not only is she in this competition fell out with his former lover Italian swimmer Luca Marin, so more photos of her in the Nude and videos by strange coincidence, appeared on the Internet, the newspaper "Soviet sport".Luca Marin, in turn, claims that has no relation to the publication of intimate photos of his former girlfriend.It all started with the fact that on Sunday, December 16, Laura Manadhoo threw away the ring, given to her by Luke, his eyes in the presence of other swimmers in the locker room.Luca Marin said: "I don't know anything about this case. Just saw the photos. Yes, it seems that this is really her photos, but it is funny to think that I posted them on the Internet.And I'm not insulted her publicly, as they say. It's all fake. I just said she made an ugly thing, throwing the ring, and that I am happy that she is no longer my girlfriend," said the swimmer.In turn, the mother of the athletes reported that they knew about the scandal, but could not confirm that the photo is indeed the Laura Manadou, as have not discussed with my daughter about this topic. Читать полностью -->

Russian people are shocked husband of Natalia Vodianova

Russian people are shocked husband of Natalia VodianovaFamous model Natalia Vodianova during a recent interview told how the home of her husband, an English Lord Justin Portman actually belong to the Russians. It turned out that Justin himself at the time, was shocked by the culture of the Russians.Fortunately, this was a pleasant shock."I know that people here are very fond of Russia, - speaks Natalia Vodianova about the attitude of the British towards our compatriots. - I'm not talking about Moscow, Moscow not to love is very difficult, in Moscow everything is interesting. Russians are hospitable, cheerful, kind, open people, very educated, my husband was shocked by the educated sellers in shops, for example.". . . Читать полностью -->

Sergey Shnurov returns to religion

Sergey Shnurov returns to religionThe leader of group "Leningrad" Sergey Shnurov has announced that it is returning to the religionAt a recent concert in St. Petersburg, the Cord came already with two Orthodox crosses on the neck. His surprised colleagues he reported that once again turned to God.- I cannot say, what will I in the future, mysteriously said "TD" singer. - Because in his youth, when finished religious-philosophical Institute at the theological Academy, I actually considered becoming a priest... These two gold cross protect me from the impure forces, and give strength and energy. I have reviewed many of their values. Читать полностью -->

`Rambo 4` and other new Russian cinema

`Rambo 4` and other new Russian cinemaOne of the most anticipated comebacks of the cinematic season was the appearance on the screens of John Rambo in a memorable performance of the actor Sylvester Stallone in an exciting Thriller about the conflict in Burma "Rambo 4".In addition, the Russian audience this week expects parodies Comedy from the residents of Comedy Club "the best film", replete with jokes about drugs and sex. Also on the screen comes a painting party at the Venice film festival "the Darjeeling limited" about how the three brothers after the death of his father went to India to understand the meaning of life, writes "Time of news".One of the most anticipated comebacks of the cinematic season was the appearance on the screens of John Rambo in a memorable performance of the actor Sylvester Stallone. At this time, the veteran interrupt his seclusion in Thailand to rescue a group of missionaries, whom he held to the territory of Burma - one of the most dangerous and troubled countries on the globe. After Stallone very successfully revived his other iconic character, rocky Balboa, that "Rambo 4" will be a success, no doubt.Appeared on the Internet last year, fragments of the film made a crushing impression - this level scenic violence (including the head-knocking with their bare hands and shot the villain in the blank with a machine gun) allowed themselves not all the masters of horror films. Though time has left its mark not only in the fact that Stallone is noticeably aged: fourth series already appears Colonel Trautman in the performance of Richard Krenn and not the music of Jerry goldsmith - the actor died in 2003, composer - in 2004.In the Russian hire "Rambo 4" is published simultaneously with all other countries. Only in Moscow the painting will be on display in 60 theaters. Читать полностью -->

Sarkozy threw a tantrum right in front of the camera

Sarkozy threw a tantrum right in front of the cameraFor a short time of his tenure as the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy managed to get in several scandals.The world learned some details about the private life of the President and his first lady just at the moment when they decided to terminate their marriage. Subjects were shocked by the intricate relations settled in the Elysee Palace collection, which resembled the intensity of the dramatic events of the famous series "Santa Barbara". It is not surprising that Nicolas Sarkozy has recently started to take the nerves.Recently a politician snapped in a live broadcast television. In an interview in news program "60 minutes" on the American TV channel CBS, the French President in an expressive form refused to tell reporters about his private life. Sarkozy even ended the conversation when talking about his wife Cecilia. Presenter Leslie Stahl was shocked for the sudden form of refusal to continue the conversation.The French leader is generally a tough nut to crack for American broadcasters, he even before the program has stated publicly that he has too many Affairs to participate in such projects, namely in "silly discussions". Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears spent the night with a sweet paparazzi

Britney Spears spent the night with a sweet paparazziLast Saturday, after a stormy night Britney Spears arrived at the Peninsula hotel in Beverly hills. In order not to miss one in a luxurious room, the singer invited one of constantly following her closely paparazzi to her apartment.Here's how their acquaintance. When they heard that he likes Britney, the photographer, whose name is Adnan, gave the singer a business card. Soon, she called him. He offered to come to her home, but she said that at home she is too dirty and that she prefers to go to a hotel".The photographer says that Britney just needed someone to talk to. "We're just friends. Читать полностью -->

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