The paparazzi took a picture of the Madonna with bruises

The paparazzi took a picture of the Madonna with bruisesHollywood rumor has it that Madonna has had plastic surgery. This is the simplest explanation for the bruises under his eyes, who discovered the paparazzi. Madonna photographed on Monday late at night in sunglasses.Considering that the day before she peacefully ate dinner with her husband in the company of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, let's hope it's not the result of a family feud. Source: Paparazzi photographed Madonna with bruises. . . Читать полностью -->

Decl wowed the audience with their appearance

Decl wowed the audience with their appearanceThe other day a famous singer Decl wowed the audience in Kemerovo, where she went to a performance at a nightclub.Siberian city was met with a cold 17 degrees and a Blizzard. Compared to the slushy Moscow, where the late autumn, winter and early spring are mixed at one time of the year, Decl hit the exotic - it was surrounded by this harsh winter.But at the club where he was playing, it was real hot. However, the audience was surprised when the singer appeared on stage. The audience remembers it quite differently. Many commented that as a musician they respect him very much, but damn he got old. Maybe the reason for that five o'clock shadow decl, dreadlocks hanging down almost to her waist, and painful thinness, which he was always distinguished.Decl surprised the nation with not only its appearance but also its artistic charm. Читать полностью -->

Philip suffers from unrequited love

Philip suffers from unrequited loveThe problem Kirkorov is as follows: a certain woman named Elena constantly ringing him on his mobile phone and sends an sms message, making life Philip unbearable. Deal with it he Kirkorov almost desperate, and policemen to attract fears.After the scandal with the "pink blouse" Philip actually became afraid of women."The woman obviously has been a shift, and this is still holding me back to not submit it to the police," says the artist. - Still a sick man. And again I will say: a man contacted the woman. If anything, I have all the messages are stored. I understand that it may all turn out and I'll make you a maniac. Читать полностью -->

First love Alexander Abdulov

First love Alexander AbdulovAbout the life of the famous actor Alexander Abdulov seems to know almost everything. But now in the public domain and become previously unknown facts.So, a childhood friend of Alexander Gavrilovich from Fergana told about the first love of future celebrities. I must say that Abdulov was very popular in girls. He was a great little guitar Beatles songs and was very charming.Besides Gavrilovic, despite the glory of the bully in the relationship with the girls behaved like a real gentleman. Girls it was so treasured that were ready to assign to Sasha goodbye, was invited to the movies, dancing.For the first time really Alexander fell in love with 14 years in the classmate Natalia Nesmeyanova, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The girl replied Abdulov in return. Читать полностью -->

Eva Mendes showed itself in the magazine `Maxim`

Eva Mendes showed itself in the magazine `Maxim` Not to say that Eva Mendes (films "Training day" and "Once in Mexico") does not come with strips of gossip columns. But after she was photographed for the magazine "Maxim" in the outfit, leaving almost no room for imagination, the situation will most likely change drastically.Don't believe? Look at these pictures. They will convince any skeptic.Source: Source: Eva Mendes has revealed himself in Maxim (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Jane Seymour sold the house because of the fight with neighbors

Jane Seymour sold the house because of the fight with neighborsThe actress sold her country house after years of quarrels with neighbors due to loud parties, hosted at her residence.About 56-year-old actress, who in 1973 co-starred in her role as James bond, and in Russia became famous thanks to the TV series "Dr. Quinn - medicine woman doctor", her neighbors speak only as of "neighbor from hell". In the house stars throwing loud parties, and block the road dozens of guest machines.In his house, located in the English city of bath, Jane Seymour lives just three months out of the year. The actress has decided to sell the house, even though that won a lawsuit against the neighbors who filed a claim on it. The amount for which the house was sold, were not disclosed. It was rumored that the 700-year-old mansion is ready for £10 million ($20 million) to buy a Russian businessman, however, the buyer has remained unknown.In any case, the neighbors Seymour was pleased with the outcome of the case. Читать полностью -->

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