Kirill Andreev is jealous of the popular `groupmates`

Kirill Andreev is jealous of the popular `groupmates`"Ivanushki", as some time ago, are on the verge of collapse. And the initiator of such change is Kirill Andreev.If before the soloist quietly took a leading role by Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova, now it began to hurt that Red and Oleg Yakovlev often invited to participate in various programs and talk shows. And in General, the relationship between the soloists over the years has considerably cooled.At Andreeva and previously had thoughts about leaving, and about future solo career. And now, having recorded ten songs, Cyril seems to have finally decided to leave the project. Especially since he already has experience solo performances.- Last years me nobody invites you, all about me forgotten, " admitted "Z" Kirill. - And I have friends in show business there, and with colleagues across the group we only see each other on tour and practically do not interact. Читать полностью -->

Baby Irsen Kudikova in intensive care

Baby Irsen Kudikova in intensive careNot entirely successfully passed birth in the former contestants of "American idol" Irsen Kudikova.The child walked backwards, and doctors had to resort to surgery. With a new mommy it's all right, but the health of the baby has caused physicians worrying.Immediately after the child is washed and weighed (weight 3.5 kg, height 50 cm), the doctors had to separate the baby from the mother. The baby was transported to the intensive care unit and connected it to a special apparatus for diagnosing the condition of the body of the newborn.Fortunately, significant changes in response to extreme birth the baby has not happened. But his daddy, businessman Alexey Osinowo, have fun to fork out. Childbirth (12 October) and the best wife in the VIP ward cost the undertaker at 495 thousand rubles., and the child's treatment - 800.e. a day. Читать полностью -->

A terrible error of `You're a superstar`

A terrible error of `You're a superstar`In the first minutes of the third concert of the project NTV "You - superstar" greatly surprised by its appearance leading Olesya Zheleznyak.She dressed in a strange white dress, unnaturally bloated in the belly area and the back seats. What Ms. Zheleznyak alternately resembled the muddy two-liter bottle, which is usually stored in a cellar moonshine, a small boa constrictor that has just swallowed a big rabbit...So, the third concert of extinct stars, who this time hits from the movies, tried jury: Vlad Topalov, Slava, Sergey Zverev, tutta Larsen and actor Peter Krasilov.1. Michael muromo "Lady luck". You have not understood, who is so much like Michael Muranov? Boris Yeltsin in the last years of his reign!.. In the process of discussing the singer's judges Michael made a mistake... Читать полностью -->

Lolita tired of the numerous shocks

Lolita tired of the numerous shocksSinger lolita in the past year had to go through a lot of turmoil. She not only left the program "Without complexes", but also experienced a fire in your home.Now, when the danger was over, the singer is ready to tell about what happened. As it turned out, actually the fire broke out in the apartment itself, Lolita, write "Arguments and facts"."Burned at the cafe on the first floor, right outside my housing. I saw a fire truck when the night after the gig drove up to the archway leading into the courtyard. In the yard lay some iron contraption, it was an incredible amount of smoke that could choke. I also started to cough... Читать полностью -->

Future James bond found ladylove

Future James bond found ladyloveCreators of the series "James bond" found a companion for the hero Daniel Craig. The harsh life as a bachelor superspy will shed light 22-year-old Gemma Atherton. Previously she starred in the film "School of the Holy Trinian".Writes about this Atherton chose out of a thousand girls who wanted (as without it?) to be in the arms of Daniel Craig on set. Shooting will begin in January 2008. A Director to continue the James bond series will be Marc Forster, who directed the Oscar-winning "monster's Ball".Craig has already played the famous scout in the last series of "James bond" Casino Royale", earned in world hire nearly 600 million dollars. By the way, recently Daniel took the honorary third place in the list of the sexiest actors and Actresses, compiled by the magazine Empire. Читать полностью -->

Vasily Aksenov remains in intensive care in serious condition

Vasily Aksenov remains in intensive care in serious conditionWriter Vasily Aksenov, who was hospitalized last week with a diagnosis of stroke and underwent surgery for a blood clot in the artery, is still in intensive care.This was reported by his friend, the writer and publicist Alexander Kabakov. "Aksenov still in intensive care and no change it yet. These things last a long time," explained Kabakov."Serious but stable" condition Vasily Aksenov remains unchanged since surgery for a blood clot in an artery that is close to the brain, said the son of writer Alexey Aksenov. The doctors hope that will be able to put Aksenov on his feet. As a result of a stroke at the writer has paralyzed the right side of the body and speech is impaired.Aksenov was delivered on Tuesday 15 January at 23 city hospital and then transferred to the Institute. Sklifosovsky. Читать полностью -->

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