Boris Schneiderman awarded the medal of Pushkin

Boris Schneiderman awarded the medal of PushkinThe Pushkin medal was awarded on Monday living in Brazil doctor of philological Sciences, lecturer, University of sГЈo Paulo, translator and popularizer of Russian literature, Boris Shneiderman.The ceremony took place in the Consulate General of Russia in Sao Paulo, reports ITAR-TASS.The Russian Ambassador in Brazil, Vladimir Tyurdenev, handing state awards, stressed that the medal of Pushkin - the best way to celebrate the great contribution of Shneiderman "in dissemination, learning the Russian language and the preservation of cultural heritage, rapprochement and mutual enrichment of cultures of Nations and nationalities".According to Shneiderman, this award is especially important for him because all his childhood he read Pushkin. "I was born in Russia in 1917, at the age of eight was taken to Brazil, and not to forget Russian language, read the works of Alexander and rewriting them in a notebook," said the scholar. Source: Boris Schneiderman awarded the medal of Pushkin.

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