Bachinsky was killed in an accident because of a broken wheel

Bachinsky was killed in an accident because of a broken wheelInvestigators believe that the accident, which killed radio host Gennady Bachinsky, could occur due to a broken wheel. Initially, all data suggested that Bachinsky himself to blame in the accident.However, now in the hands of investigators was evidence that Gennady Bachinsky was lost due to technical problems your car Volkswagen Golf, says "Your day". Recall that popular radio and TV presenter died 12 January on the road with cottages in Moscow. Making overtaking a moving truck, Gennady has left on an oncoming lane. But, before he could change his number in front of the truck, he head-on collided with a minibus Volkswagen Transporter coming in the opposite lane.It was assumed that, being an inexperienced driver, he ventured to go on a dangerous maneuver. The scheme of the accident, which totaled the traffic police, showed that the braking distance of the driver of the Transporter was only three meters. And that meant that Gennady created an emergency situation on the road, starting to overtake the truck in conditions of poor visibility.However, the investigators of Department of internal Affairs of the Tver region, which is the case for investigation, withdrew from the scene of the accident, the wheel exploded while driving car Bachynsky, which questioned the initial findings about the cause of the accident.It, unlike other wheels, immediately removed and sent for examination. According to investigators, the wheel could explode for three reasons: to get to the hole, factory defect, or an old worn tire.Currently, the investigation team as consider the version of the main technical problems of the machine. The first on this thought gave witness, in front of which the accident occurred. In the record of his interrogation indicated that he saw, after a yellow Volkswagen Bachynsky has left on an oncoming lane for overtaking heavy trucks, its beginning to throw in different directions. The overall picture of the situation added in tatters wheel found at the scene of the accident.In addition, the investigators are confident that Gennady had calculated the distance and speed for overtaking. And how to deal with Volkswagen, he had to fit in with the others. However, it is the turbulence from side to side prevented us from doing so provoked the clash.Wrecked machines and parts found at the scene of the accident, was sent to autotechnical examination. The official results will show what the real cause of the accident. Source: Bachinsky was killed in an accident because of a broken wheel.

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