Stolen baby photos of Dmitry Medvedev

Stolen baby photos of Dmitry MedvedevOn the day of the announcement of the name of the successor robbed the St. Petersburg school, which was attended by Vice-Premier Dmitry Medvedev: from the stand, dedicated to the famous graduate, lost photos with his personal autograph.How to involve school teachers N305, apparently, the photo was stolen "Souvenirs". They didn't even call the police because they are - the photos are unlikely to find. They already resold to Western collectors for big money, somehow believe teachers."The loss we have noticed in the evening, after school, said former classroom teacher Medvedev Vera Smirnova. - Approached the stand and was stunned - instead of pictures of my son were only white spots. We don't even know what to suggest! I believe the photo archive pulled guys!".

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