Paris Hilton had a ball

Paris Hilton had a ballLooks like party girl Paris Hilton is not very upset with the news that her grandfather, the founder of the Empire hotel Barron Hilton, decided to donate most of his fortune ($2.3 billion) to charity because of bad behaviour granddaughter since the New year the star of a sex tape does not get out of the clubs.Paris symbolically throwing dollar bills at a party in a trendy Los Angeles club LAX. The socialite began the old right after she was released from prison, but last night she outdid herself. Wearing, the black spotted jacquard & logo socks and taking a hefty dose of alcohol, Paris danced on the table and kissed on the lips razvlekavshego in the club girl, says The Daily Mail.Recently, Hilton has finally brakes: a few days since the New year, saw her ex-husband of Britney Spears Kevin motherhood and even with the father of Anna Nicole Smith Larry Birkhadem. Note, it is disgusting behavior Paris was the main reason that forced Barron to deprive her of the inheritance.However, the girl that was supposed to receive about $ 50 million, not worried about the drastic reduction of the state. Paris, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, said last year that doesn't rely on your family in financial matters. Hilton said: "Everything I do, I do myself. I myself earn money and do not take anything from the family". Now Paris will receive from his grandfather only 2.5 million dollars.The socialite hit in all heavy after a recent breakup with boyfriedn, Swedish model Alex Vaggo. The Christmas she spent with her family in Hawaii. Last year Paris was connected romantic relationship with your ex-husband of Pamela Anderson kid Rock, the heir of the owner of the shipping company, a Greek by Stavros Niarchos, as well as with actor and musician Josh Henderson. Source: Paris Hilton had a ball.

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