In `House-2` once again brewing wedding

In `House-2` once again brewing weddingThe romance between Semyon Frolov and Lena Buchenau that began in "the House-2", is threatening to end with a wedding. The guy already made his sweetheart, and she said Yes.Simon and Lena is far from perfect couple. Lovers often quarrel, another major falling-out occurred just before the New year. But eventually the boys found the strength to make peace and even begin to plan a future together. By the way, Frolov still worried about Lena made proposals of marriage. According to the guy that this happened to him for the first time.This is what I told the bride: "we had a contest for the most beautiful marriage proposal. With funny skits. But Simon decided to propose to me for real. And like jokes jokes, but when Simon propose to me, down on one knee, his hands shaking. He put me on the ring finger woolen thread instead of a ring. I am also very serious about this point. I was just unreal emotions and experiences, I offer did the first time. And then I asked the Seeds of the truth whether he wants to marry? Simon replied "Yes".For Seeds that moment was no less anxious. "I am very happy, because let me even after three hundred years, ask how I was proposing to my wife, I say, kneeling in front of forty million viewers. For all participants this was just a contest, and I wished it was real," said the happy bride.Despite all the romance of the moment Lena then showed himself as a very pragmatic person. "After the proposal, I asked Seeds, whether he supports me," the girl replied. - And I need new boots, and jackets. And he told me that he had until there was only one harmonica, and asked if I was ready to take it so. I replied that I did finish.To this moments lovers've only known each other three months. However, they believe that the "House-2" the day is coming for all ten. The other day a couple goes on vacation in Goa. Upon returning from the trip Simon and Lena are going to determine exactly how they all seriously."We already lived together, checked himself in the home," says Lena. - We fight every day, then quickly. This is a normal, ordinary, family and domestic relations."I'm almost all serious decisions are easy," confessed the bride. - I may be married and just as easily released. Also will be some competition for the most beautiful wedding, and we'll take the semen and get married for real. Very often the happiest marriages are made in jest. The worst thing - it was a long walk to this decision, carefully prepare for the wedding". Source: "House-2" once again brewing wedding.

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