The British library has acquired the archive of Nobel laureate

The British library has acquired the archive of Nobel laureateThe British library has acquired the personal archive of Nobel prize in literature for 2005 playwright and poet Harold Pinter.Library with the largest collection of books in the United Kingdom, paid 2,24 million dollars for unique documents, including original plays and correspondence 77-year-old Pinter with prominent contemporaries, in particular, with Samuel Beckett, ITAR-TASSThe artistic heritage of the recognized classics of postwar British drama, fit in 150 boxes, also includes drafts, photographs, copies of electronic letters and the manuscript is still unpublished memoir about the early years of Pinter - "the Queen of all fairy tales." Selected works of native of London will be presented in the exhibition in the library from 11 January to 13 April.The head of the Department of manuscripts of the contemporary literature of the British library's Jamie Andrews called the acquisition of the archive of "the greatest living Russian playwright" an incredible success . "This is a great collection sheds new light on every stage of a half-century of creativity Pinter, said Andrews. And we strive to make it available to researchers, to make our contribution to the celebration of the life and work of a master".In 2005, Pinter announced that says goodbye to drama: "I created the drum 29" isn't that enough?". Among the most famous plays, in the words of critics, "theater of the absurd or Comedy threats", - "birthday"(1957), the Caretaker (1960), "Betrayal" (1978). In Russia, Pinter drama became known in the 90-ies of the productions of Vladimir Mirzoev, Yuri Butusov, Yuri Pogrebnichko.In his works, according to the researchers and admirers of Pinter, it "unlocks confined spaces of oppression, restores the true principles of theatre: limited space and unpredictable dialogue. Pinter never concealed his anti-war views, and in the collection of poems of the year 2003 "War" he condemned the Iraqi conflict. The collection was awarded a poetry award named after Wilfred Owen.Biography Of Harold PinterHarold Pinter was born on 10 October 1930, in Hackney, an area in East London (the East End). A short time Pinter studied at the Royal Academy of dramatic art.Theatrical career began as an actor, he performed on stage for nine years under his stage name David Baron (David Baron), toured with various troupes of Irish and British province. I read a lot and he tried to write prose and poetry, but after setting his first piece was finally determined as a theatrical author.Her first play "the Room" by Harold Pinter written in 1957. Among the most significant plays of Pinter criticism is considered "In light of pain" (A Slight Ache, 1959), the Caretaker (Caretaker, 1960), "the Lovers" (The Lovers, 1963), "the homecoming" (The Homecoming, 1965), "Betrayal" (Betrayal, 1978), birthday (The Birthday Party, 1958), "the Collection" (The Collection, 1962), "Old times" (Old Times, 1971), "No man's land" (No Man's Land, 1975) and Moonlight (Moonlight, 1993).Pinter also known as the Director and screenwriter of feature films: the Servant (The Servant), "the pumpkin eater" (The Pumpkin Eater), "Accident" (Accident), "Intermediary" (The Go-Between), "the French Lieutenant's Woman" (The French Lieutenant''s Woman) and "Betrayal" (Betrayal).The last piece of the playwright "In search of lost time" written in 2000 by the eponymous epic novel of Marcel Proust, it was staged at London's National theatre. Source: British Library has acquired the archive of Nobel laureate.

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