Pugacheva has not hide any feelings for Galkin

Pugacheva has not hide any feelings for Galkin At the party, dedicated to the 30th anniversary model Oksana Lavrentieva, Alla Borisovna has opened the heart with guests. Embracing the Maxim, 58-year-old diva, has admitted that the parodist is her favorite person.After this Frank confession of doubt in their close relationships already none left.Pugacheva recently infrequently spoils the admirers of her talent performances. So her appearance at a private party was a real event. And it should be noted that the joint statement divas with the parodist was probably the most expensive gift for the birthday girl.EveningPugachev came to an expensive restaurant in the midst of the celebration. Maxim had already entertained the guests as the master.Alla arrived close to midnight - as it turned out, right from the train. She went into the dressing room when the scene came the voice Galkina, singing something from the repertoire Baskov. Pugachev was frozen and proudly exclaimed:Oh, this Maxim sings!After a short visit behind the scenes and talking with colleagues, diva rushed to the scene.RecognitionIt seems that Alla Borisovna wasn't a bit embarrassed that she had to sing in front of selected guests at a private event. Diva and then went down the hall and walked between the tables - communicated with everyone. The relaxed atmosphere of the party so lull Alla Borisovna, that it has become explicit. Filling gaps between songs, Pugacheva, embracing the friend Galkina, unexpectedly confessed:- My love, my love is here! - guests plunged into shock with his revelation of Pugachev. He was already so used that even immediately responds.After these words of a legend in the hall there was applause, and the singer and parodist continued short but very memorable performance.Bow to the guests, Alla did not linger in the restaurant, although Galkina program was not yet finished. Diva this time chose to wait for loved parodist not in public, but at home.Source: Pugachev stopped hiding feelings for Galkin (video).

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