Stardom Friske nearly cost her career

Stardom Friske nearly cost her careerTwelfth ceremony, perhaps the most prestigious award in the country - "Golden gramophone" - and this time has not passed without incident. The biggest scandal was the group "Brilliant" and her new soloist Natalia Friske.The young singer because of his negligence endangered the statement is just "brilliant" team.Before she could take the place of honor of his older sister in the group "Brilliant", as the producer of the band stated that Friske Jr. leaves the group.The singer arrived to the ceremony with a delay of two hours. While the girls were ready for their exit, Friske, Jr. was calmly sipping tea with her star sister Jeanne. But this "paillette" tried to hide, deceiving the producer of the band, which is an hour could not get an answer from the girl in the Kremlin.- I am stuck in traffic, " she said to the organizers when they panic about her absence.ScandalAs found "Z", Natasha in the evening went to my sister's for a dress, despite an agreement with the team to come to the Kremlin for an hour before performances. Appeared at the site of Natasha with her sister and immediately became the object of unfriendly stares of the other participants "Brilliant".Something that her sister Jeanne, does not give her the right to put themselves above us and do not follow the instructions of the producers, is indignant, admitted "Z" Julia Kovalchuk.Hearing these words, Natasha only dissatisfied snorted and went to the dressing room to her sister. But there it was! No sooner had the girl to change, as it caused a "serious conversation" producer group Andrey Shlykov.- Don't you think you fucking serious? - indignant, she said the singer. - How dare you, this team, you must fulfill the General requirements. I demand an explanation. Why are you late?- I was with Jeanne, went to her for dress - with downcast eyes, said the singer.Jeanne is Jeanne, and you're nobody, " screaming down a concert hall, was haranguing a young girl]. - Tomorrow will raise the issue about leaving the band! What the hell you all should wait, no, all, these workers don't need!When finished talking with his producer, Natasha walked behind the stage, she not only managed to make packing and so she walked on stage with newloginname hair. After the speech, some interviews had to reshoot with four "shiny" instead of three.- We will need to remove one Natasha, then to the computer to paste it to the other girls, " commanded the organizers.However, Andrey Shlykov has not calmed down. As soon as Natasha returned with the prize "Golden gramophone", the producer began to chastise Friske-senior.- I was very surprised that Natasha calmly reacted to it, - has shared with "Z" Jeanne. - Usually she immediately flies into a fit, and today I myself do not know.Only after a reasonable and calm Jeanne talked to Shlykov, producer quietly sighed.- Well, thank God, settled - confessed "Z" Andrew.QuarrelScored the next scandal and Irina Allegrova, which initially was in good spirits. But that all changed after the singer called backstage.- Prepares Allegrova, " said a voice in the dressing room.Irina was on the scene, but there she suddenly announced that her exit through the three rooms, "the Empress" left:- Oh that, why should I then descended, and, seizing the arm of Grigory Leps, went into the Smoking room.Hurt this evening and the daughter of famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, Nadia. She was invited on "Golden gramophone" as a guest, presenting awards together with actor Sergei Shakurova. However, when the actor came to the Kremlin Parking lot, he said that his car has no place, and asked to leave. In the end, not resigned to this insult, Shakur, strewing employees FSO choicest abuse, turned and left the Kremlin, and is not coming on the scene.The scandal has arranged and well-known Joker Alexey Makarov. As it turned out, the actor was not satisfied that he was not given a separate dressing room.- Do I have to change, together with other boys and girls? - asked the shocked actor from the organizers. - What are you, crazy?However, Alex did not lose, and as soon as he said that at the moment in the dressing room is Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Makarov immediately started banging her.- Les! Open up! This Alex! - loud, the whole corridor was screaming son Polishchuk.But such a warm welcome Sudzilovskaya not accepted and, after moving aside modestly asked the managers to let her change together with Dima Bilan, but in his dressing room."VIA Gra".

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