21 style rule from Giorgio Armani

21 style rule from Giorgio ArmaniOne of the most prominent international designers, Giorgio Armani opens 21 rule achieve style, respect and success.1. Never skimp on shoes, because it is the basis for your wardrobe. Cheap pair of shoes is a false economy.2. The harmony between life and work is the key to success for every person. I sacrificed my life for work, and if I could start over, I would have done things differently.3. Black and dark blue colors are slimming. You can experiment with the form of clothing and cloth, if you prefer this color scheme.4. Never dwell on your clothes. The most stylish people are those who appear to exert a minimum of effort. Because fashion is a way of expression.5. If you intensely you exercise, you develop the muscle in certain places. Sew clothes to order! I recently started dressing the players of "Chelsea".6. People say I look 20 years younger than his real age. What's my secret? This is partly the merit of genes. My mother died at 90 years old, but looked 65. I hope I'll be the same. But this requires more self-discipline: don't go to sleep too late, don't drink too much, don't smoke. Understand and control yourself.7. You can't always get what you want - so it was said in the song Mick Jagger. Yes, I too once wanted to be tall and have a beautiful nose. But you need to accept what you have, and to use this as efficiently as possible. Don't waste your time trying to change the unchangeable.8. To look sexy, you need to be confident. This state of soul and body.9. To 50 years, I did not think about physical fitness, and then my friend brought this to my attention. Now I do every day at the gym. Exercise improves your mood, help you concentrate and feel comfortable.10. Some people manage to look good always! For example, Cary Grant - he could look good in a suit, even when he was running away from the plane on the field. And my friend George Clooney looks lovely, whatever he is wearing.11. The basis of a man's wardrobe is a jacket. He always have to be perfectly matched to the man. You should wear a nice jacket, and everything else will follow.12. Good clothing gives you confidence and improves your actions. I called a friend who bought a Rugby team - he ached for her in childhood. Work was going badly. He asked me to dress them, and I agreed. It was Russell Crowe, and now his Australian Rugby team - Rabbitohs - again triumphs.13. Reputation is as handcuffs. They think I'm a minimalist, and people complain if I'm doing something wrong. Let them speculate.14. You know more than you think, and can do much more than you know. When in 1985 the death of my business partner, some people thought I'd close the company. Instead, I learned how to do his job. We cannot underestimate their internal capabilities.15. Hollywood black tie - uniforms for any of the evening: a black suit, white shirt and black tie. It's a fact: any man is black tie.16. Choose fabrics in neutral colors, no flashy patterns - from the point of view of fashion, they will last longer.17. Today more and more often it is the accessories that define the appearance of the person, so do not skimp on good shoes, belts, bags and the like.18. Good flavor can be a bright characteristic. This is the first thing people feel when you enter the room, and the last that remains after you leave.19.

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