The author of `patrols` Sergei Lukyanenko again became a father

The author of `patrols` Sergei Lukyanenko again became a fatherFamous writer Sergey Lukyanenko second time became a father. Early Friday morning, Lukyanenko was born the son of Daniel. Boy weight - 3400 grams, height - 52 cm As written by the author of "patrols" in his blog, the baby was born "fast and noisy"."The world is examined critically, gave to understand that he needs improvement".The writer already has one son, Artem, him 3.5 years. Little Daniel was born in the family planning Center at Sebastopol Avenue - where the wife Lukyanenko Sonia gave birth and Artemia.Now for the family of a second child on the subsidy of 250 thousand rubles, says Komsomolskaya Pravda. But Lukyanenko about such things until he thinks tsuchihashi - say, buy an island in the Caribbean sea. Source: Author the "watch Sergei Lukyanenko again became a father.

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