Kournikova decided to catch Iglesias treason

Kournikova decided to catch Iglesias treasonGirlfriend sexy Enrique Iglesias Anna Kournikova did not trust her boyfriend and decided to convict him of treason. For that famous tennis player secretly flew to Moscow from America and a day before the arrival of Enrique settled in an expensive hotel under a male name.In Moscow, the fruity Iglesias schedule your tour was supposed to come right after the concert in St. Petersburg. But, as it turned out, the Spanish hunk has decided, apparently, to earn more money previously planned and immediately from Peter went on a private plane to Kiev for a contract gig for one of Ukrainian millionaires.ConspiracyMeanwhile, in the hotel "Ritz Carlton" in the company of their friends were waiting for Anna Kournikova, who openly admitted that not everything went smoothly in their stellar relationships.- I don't consider myself as his second half - confessed tennis player. - I think, I'm not completely full inside.All the emotional outpourings of a friend Enrique said only that Kournikova increasingly began to trust her boyfriend and to suspect him of cheating and different affair.Confirms this situation and an unexpected visit Anna in Moscow, which she had prepared all the rules of conspiracy, as if carried out especially on a secret mission.CheatingAs found "TD" in the capital Kournikova arrived from America the day before the arrival of their star boyfriend. In a five-star hotel Anna settled, to everyone's surprise, under a male name in the room Executive Suite (worth slightly more than a thousand dollars). Moreover, according to the hotel's employees, prior to her arrival, no one even suspected that overseas friend about the visit which was reported shortly before her arrival, will be the same one Anna. Moreover, when the administrator asked her to stay in the presidential Suite Carlton Suite (worth more than five thousand euros), which were purchased for Enrique and Kournikova refused.On the day of arrival the whole evening tennis player spent in the hotel's restaurant, where invited his closest friends, his father and grandmother, which, incidentally, learned about the arrival of her granddaughter accidentally from friends of Anna.At dinner she ate a bite, only drank mineral water and a resin one cigarette after another, talking about their complicated relationships with her boyfriend."You don't understand," referring to her friend, said Anna. Men, including Enrique, in 99 percent cases have not one partner, together with relationships on the side. To prevent this from happening, we need a guy to have common interests, the same look on life and be sure to philosophize with him. I think they like it very much. Although in any case women for them - it's just animal instinct.RecognitionSeeing how much Anna is worried, talking about their love experiences, friends tennis player Timur and Natela decided to change the subject and revealed the secret of tennis stars, which she concealed even from her parents.- Do you remember how we rehash of alcohol in Paris, smiled slyly, and began a close friend Kournikova Timur."Oh, no, I don't want to talk about it, laughing, replied Anne, but at the request of the grandmother to talk about her adventures could not refuse. "Then we don't just rehash - we got drunk. I remember we had almost everything in the restaurant on the Champs-Р•lysees, and we need to go through the entire Park. It was difficult to do. I rocked in one direction, Timur with Natela - to another, and I was in high heels. In short, I took off my shoes and walked barefoot in Paris. And then one of us - whether I, whether Natela is stuck to the person with the words that we liked its shape. Later it turned out that it was an ordinary janitor.Remembering this situation, Kournikova is a bit more cheerful, but when she got a call on his mobile phone and said that Enrique is now singing on a custom-made concert, the girl's face became sad again, and the rest of the evening she spent with a friend at the bar, killing time waiting for her boyfriend, covering yourself in whiskey and coke.Source: Kournikova decided to catch Iglesias treason.

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