The fugitive from `Home-2` haunting misery

The fugitive from `Home-2` haunting miseryWe already wrote about that recently in the "House-2" there was an emergency. With the telestroyki escaped semen Frolov. A few days from a guy there's been no sign. Remaining on the project girl Lena Frolova Buchina was just so shocked at the sudden disappearance.Especially by this act looked very ugly.Recall, Frolov disappeared after a difficult conversation with the Sun. She Seeds in the final of the competition "the master of the "House-2", and the guy has promised in case of victory to share with her half the money. The sun, in turn, wanted to transfer the money of the daughter of the deceased ex-participants of the project Kristina Kalinina.In the end, Simon got the money, but with the Sun not to share in a hurry. Especially during this time they managed to quarrel. To finally all agree, Simon went on the Moscow apartment of the girl. But on TV construction site from there he never returned, and just turned off the phone and disappeared.Recently escaped the young man was found. He say no one wants, but his father Vladimir Semenovich agreed to clarify the situation. It turned out, after escaping to the Seeds came under a series of misfortunes."Now Simon's sister in Lobnya. He feels bad, - said the guy's father. - After that scandal has experienced a hypertensive crisis. He had a nervous breakdown, and now he will need his portion of the winnings to pay for the services of doctors. He refused to go to hospital, but signed up for hypnosis, visits a psychotherapist and neurologist".However, to leave "Home" for good Frolov doesn't want. "Simon says that I would get better and get back on the project, said his dad. "He won't listen to me. And I said to him: "If you come back, I'll shoot myself". And I'm not kidding, I will, so at least someone paid attention to what happens there. There's just the realm of jealousy, lies and betrayal. Sobchak constantly curses. From Olga Nikolaeva (it is called the Sun, in fact it is the Sunset) make goodie. Rustam pay money for the fact that he arranged squabbles".Father with anguish talks about the success his beloved son before the project and about the persecution in the "perimeter", writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."He is now money on the treatment required, - is Vladimir Semenovich. - And my daughter in February wedding. And we can't help them. I am disabled with a heart condition. The wife of Oncology. Simon won the money I wanted to give the mother on treatment: drugs are very expensive. But half gave Nikolaeva, and the other part is now desired for himself. But most importantly, he was cured and never returned to this project".Days.Roux contacted the press service of the "House-2" and asked to comment on the situation. As never before the reality show was famous for the fact that there suddenly disappear the participants.That's what the Days.Roux told the producer of the project Alexey Mihajlovsky: "In the finals, Simon made the decision to give the money to the Sun, arguing that the man and woman are originally in different weight categories. The sun in turn wanted to help the daughter of the deceased Kristina Kalinina. It was announced on the air, and then Simon had to fulfill his promise. When he announced that he does not trust the Sun, this theme was touched on Calvary and all the guys have had the opportunity to Express their opinion on this matter. Soon the Sun will go to the girl to give her money.What exactly was the reason for the disappearance of Seeds with the project, is still unclear. He refused to talk with Gena Jikia, who came to him, not answering texts and phone calls of his girlfriend Lena Buchenau. If he had any health problems, said his family, we are very sorry that he didn't put us on notice, because we could help him, but yesterday he was feeling fine and just released an official car and disappeared. Semen may at any time to return to the project, and we hope that he will explain to the audience that made him the master of the "House-2", who trusted him and supported him, what really happened." Source: the Fugitive of "House-2" haunting misery.

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