Evgenia Kryukova liked to be naked

Evgenia Kryukova liked to be naked Actress Yevgeniya Kryukova agreed to second shoot for the magazine "Playboy". The first time she starred in 2001.The main requirement of the actress was non-standard for local stars - a minimum of boasting, stylistic frills, jewels, things, makeup; max - naturalness.On the set of Eugene behaved professionally, understanding that you need the photographer from her, and what she needs from the result. The shot turned out Frank, Western-stylish, with a hint of home-photo and effect "spying". According to the staff of the magazine, when it comes to photographs they almost never used Photoshop, as the actress is in excellent physical shape.Interestingly, before Eugene've always used doubles in sex scenes of movies. In this shooting Eugene chose to play all Frank's role. Earlier the actress herself did not participate not only Frank, but also in dangerous scenes in a movie, it always replaced stunt. Shooting the film "the Witch" changed everything, and Hook had to perform tricks."Was scared and I said I was not going to fly: there are special people who know how to do this, a team of professional stuntmen. They say, "why don't we show all the equipment. You will hang on the meter will raise and you'll see. If normally, it's good".I put on the belt from the knees, which was shorewala whole and the figure was delayed. Its actually under my suit to be seen. There is a titanium layer, some bolts, overlapping. All this tilt mechanism, like Copperfield, and thin-thin ropes. Special sky-lifts, which are designed for this purpose. I raised and showed how all this can be managed," said the actress about her experience. Source: Eugenia Hook liked to be naked (photo).

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