Early marriage Lolita turned her life around

Early marriage Lolita turned her life aroundSinger Lolita the first time I got married while still a student. Then the marriage broke up first for a fictitious marriage with a certain Alexander Milewski, and then for the next wedding with Alexander Tsekalo.The first husband of the singer, also named Alexander, it seems, still annoyed about the events of those years."Lolita was a student marriage," says the first husband of Lolita by Alexander Belyaev. - Be happy. Been able to deal with difficulties. Lolita was an excellent cook. From Tambov, where he studied, went to Odessa. There I played in the theater. Lolita began singing at the Odessa Philharmonic. There she met Alexander Tsekalo. From Odessa we Lo left because she Tsekalo and decided to conquer Moscow.".

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