Masha Rasputina will lead to black slaves themselves

Masha Rasputina will lead to black slaves themselvesRasputin picks for a new home exclusively AfricansPop star Maria Rasputin has almost completed the construction of a new home.Another mansion celebrity, who grew up on the ruble on the site of the former house, impresses guests with its luxury. In addition to eight bedrooms and a huge living room, four-storey cottage accommodates a games room, gym, sauna, cinema, concert hall, winter garden and even its own SPA-salon. Furniture, custom, almost placed. The interiors of the new house Rasputina Palace style with the addition of ethnic motifs.Therefore, the selection of the maid Maria Ivanovna decided to come from an unexpected quarter. As a staff artist would like to see exclusively Africans and Asians. No racist motive in the desire no diva. According to singer, foreigners come to work in the home with much more responsibility and are afraid of losing a good place. With Rasputin Russian citizens, as it turned out, burned. After the birth of a daughter Masha restless performer himself fired three nannies. Reportedly divas, each of them broke the rules: one didn't pay enough attention to Masha, the other allowed himself to bring home a man, and the third was caught stealing. "Foreigners in this sense, where faith," said Rasputin, " as for that exotic nationalities, there must be at my house the twist!". Source: Masha Rasputina will lead to black slaves themselves.

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