A Comedy about cancer patients, the elderly will become a leader in the rental

A Comedy about cancer patients, the elderly will become a leader in the rentalAfter two weeks the limited release Comedy with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman "Until he kicked the bucket" may deprive first-place lead in the U.S. two weeks the film "national Treasure: book of secrets".However, the film by Director Rob Reiner have to fight with the criminal Comedy with ice Cube "First Sunday" and also with the picture about teenage pregnancy "Juno", who held last week's second place, reports Reuters.Experts suggest that "Until he kicked the bucket" can earn up to $ 15 million is little more than predict "First Sunday" and "Juno". "Treasure" with Nicolas cage, who gathered this week 20 million with almost 50% loss of audience, is, according to experts, third place.Nicholson and Freeman play cancer patients men trying to live the last days of his life to the fullest. Two last weeks the film has been shown in 16 theaters in new York city, Los Angeles and Toronto. January 11 the geography of the premiere of Warner Bros. to expand to 2919 of theaters in the U.S. and Canada.The release of Sony's "First Sunday" starts 2213 in theaters. Rapper ice cube plays a hapless criminal from the ' hood, who decided to Rob the Church. Last year the musician played a role in the movie "are We done yet?", zarabotkavsem for the first weekend of hire 14.3 million dollars. The film "Juno" has already brought its creators 56 million dollars, this week the company Searchlight will increase to 2,400 the number of cinemas showing the film.The favorite of the season awards, the film "Atonement", will expand its geography to 700 cinemas. Last week, a drama about the Second world war took 10th place after five weeks of hire. At the moment, the film managed to earn $ 20.5 million. Spanish horror film "the Orphanage" after three weeks of rental in 66 theaters will be shown in 660 halls.On weekends planned premiere of two films - fantasy "In the name of the king: the story of the siege dungeons" with Jason Stateman, as well as children's animation "the pirates adventure in the land of vegetables-2". The weekend would have been much more interesting if Fox had not moved the premiere of the marriage Comedy "27 dresses" on January 21. Source: a Comedy about cancer patients, the elderly will become a leader in the rental.

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