David Beckham is destroying the planet

David Beckham is destroying the planetBritish environmentalists from the Carbon Trust found that football star David Beckham poses a serious threat to the ecosystem of our planet.According to them, Becks is personally responsible for the emissions of 163 tons of carbon dioxide annually.For comparison: on average Englishman accounted for only 9.4 per ton of emitted greenhouse carbon dioxide. It's possible that Beckham belongs to a kind of historical record in the rate of sahajwani of the Earth's atmosphere, according to ФактNews with reference to ShowBizSpy.com.Of course, these high rates do not mean that David breathes an order of magnitude more active than others. Just such is the price of his numerous travel-related football performances. In addition, the statistics only take into account the cost of fuel when using the numerous cars, as well as the costs of hydrocarbons on heating of its owned real estate.In 2007 former England captain flew more than 400 thousand kilometers is more than the distance from earth to the moon. And at home the star of the club with the galaxy and the father of three children has a whole fleet of 15 cars, including such prestigious brands as Porsche, Hummer and Lincoln Navigator.In this regard, the representative of the environmental organization Carbon Trust has hinted that it is time for the stars to think about the fate of the planet. "He needs to use his celebrity status to remind people about the harm that travel can cause the planet" - said the ecologist.The expert believes that, possessing a large fortune, Beckham has more opportunities to personally demonstrate their caring attitude towards the planet and its climate. In his opinion, the player was able to take more responsibility for their travel and choice of vehicles. Finally, he could use a more economical and environmentally friendly vehicles. Source: David Beckham is destroying the planet.

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