Malakhov and Rasputin was a disgrace to the show `Two star`

Malakhov and Rasputin was a disgrace to the show `Two star`Masha Rasputina and Andrey Malakhov became one of the brightest pairs of the project "Two stars". This Duo has only one, but very important problem: Malakhov absolutely can't sing.It is this fact from the outset doomed to fail a couple. Still, the show is about singing the experiments, and the presence and hearing abilities that rumor to apply in practice plays a key role.But, even knowing about the weaknesses of the partner, Rasputin agreed to participate in the show to pair with it."Andrew is a good guy, my friend. It was hard for me to refuse him. Although Andrew the bear on an ear has come and he does not know how to sing. I said to him immediately: "Well, I'll light. But what can you do?!" When we sang in the program "the tea Rose" and he was honored at all the wrong song to sing. It was so funny!Barbara Brylska right about him said, "Andrew, you're a great guy, but you better not sing!" By the way, after we sang "the Rose tea", I was called by Philip through the laughter and said, "Nothing, but Andrew is a crowd favorite, the most popular TV presenter".Andrey Malakhov from such "compliments" were a little sad. But Masha Rasputin tried to rescue partner, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."I did good, chose hits where he don't need to sing," says the singer. - For example, "Barges full of mullet," and "Everything is fine, beautiful lady". So hard to teach Malakhov! The shooting was very difficult, and when the couple withdrew from the project, I just gleefully shouted: "Hurrah! The end of suffering!" But Malakhov I had to calm him down, saying, Andrew, you knew that you were just singing".Even with such a sober look at a partner's ability Rasputin still mad at the jury, which is not very favorably to their pair."It's a show. - says the singer. But by and large Malakhov sang no worse than many. From your own anger, or something, the jury is very tough attitude to the participants. The only bright spot - actress Barbara Brylska"."Honestly, we knew from the beginning who will win," admitted Mary. "But you will not now reveal the secret... the Most zealous horses were removed to a puny ran up to the finals. For spectators it will be a shock." Source: Malakhov Rasputin and disgraced on the show "Two stars"".

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