Nicole Kidman fat rapidly

Nicole Kidman fat rapidlyOne of the most slender and graceful Actresses in Hollywood early monstrously fat. And typing to date is already more than 4 kg, Nicole Kidman is not going to ostanavlivatsa there.According to the London Daily Mail on the Australian decided for the sake of art: Nicole will play a major role in the drama "the Reader" ("The Reader"). This work she already calls one of the most interesting, but at the same time and challenging in his career."Nicole is very slender, enjoys sports, loves to swim, said a confidant of the actress, and the role her character should not only be aged for several decades, but getting fat throughout the film". At first she was going to use props to increase the visual shape, but Director Stephen Daldry was not allowed to do that, insisting on realism. Moreover, in the feed are assumed to be explicit scenes and miscellaneous charms in them would have been impossible not to notice.The role of complex and psychologically. "Reader" - film adaptation of the bestselling German author Bernard Schlink. the tragic love story intertwined here with the reflection on the Holocaust. The action takes place in post-war Germany. The main character, played by Ralph Fiennes, tells his story of love to a more Mature woman Hanna Schmitz (Nicole Kidman) during the Second World War.If before the Hollywood star couldn't be seen, consuming desserts and drink their protein shakes, but now she just does it. She eats four times a day, indulging in Italian pasta dishes, chocolate desserts and puddings, however, complains that such a huge amount of food makes her sluggish and sleepy. Now Kidman gained about 10 pounds (4.5 kg), but is going to double this achievement. Well, I hope that such sacrifices will be in vain and Nicole Kidman at least nominated for an Oscar, as it was with another growing for the sake of art by actress renГ© Zellweger. Source: Nicole Kidman fat rapidly.

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