Divorce Pamela Anderson - `can of worms`

Divorce Pamela Anderson - `can of worms`Pamela Anderson still can not understand the relationship with her husband Rick Salomon. Actress and model a few weeks ago filed for divorce, but the couple still see together.Apparently, in the life of a star a real drama unfolds. Fleeting wedding of Pamela and Rick were held in Las Vegas in October of last year.In December, Anderson filed for divorce. A couple of days after the documents about the divorce process had been brought to court, Pamela wrote on its website that they are "working on it".Then came the rumors about the pregnancy of the stars. And spread gossip Rick himself. His words came out like pam "going crazy" because of an interesting situation.But Pamela has denied this information. Recently in one interview she said, "No, children no longer." Also the star said that her divorce is like a "can of worms". "Big, fat, juicy worms, but it's just worms," said the star."I wish him all the best" said Pamela.Recall that the reputation of the new spouse Anderson is not a good. Poker player Rick Salomon became famous for having released the film intimate content with Paris Hilton.But despite all the friction Salomon and Anderson, it seems, are still together.The other day Rick and Pamela were seen together at a market in Malibu, according to the website "Sky News". The couple behaved like a normal couple who went shopping. The view from both was quite happy, so divorce may be, is still under question. Source: Divorce Pamela Anderson - "can of worms"".

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