Gennady Bachinsky was not guilty in road accident

Gennady Bachinsky was not guilty in road accidentYesterday afternoon passed and investigative autotechnical examination of the car "Volkswagen", which crashed Bachinsky.According to available information, according to preliminary findings, we can safely say that Gennady is not only not guilty in the accident, but he himself was the victim of some external influence on his car.For examination by representatives of the investigation Department of the Department of internal Affairs of the Tver region, as well as investigators OVD Kalyazin district. The official results of the examination will be issued only after a week. However, we have become aware of the basic conclusions drawn by the investigators today, the newspaper "Your day".Autotechnical examination was aimed at establishing fault inside the car before the accident. Investigators, according to our data, came to the conclusion that the engine, brakes and everything else inside the car at the time of the accident were serviceable. At the same time, investigative expertise, during which the car was lifted with the help of cranes, brought closer to each other, the calculated angle of impact, showed that the impact of two "Volkswagen" was not the head: he fell in the front left side of the cars Bachynsky at an angle.- This confirms the words of the witness to the accident who was driving a BMW, that, when Gennady was rebuilt in its range, the car began to chatter from side to side and front collision it turned in front of oncoming cars backfired, " said a source involved with the investigation of this high-profile case.The possible cause of this "rocking" investigators see the wheel gap. But it also remains the only version, as the examination is not yet ready. Anyway, the wheel was sent for examination to the forensic center of the Tver region is January 21.- This examination will be the longest - continues the newspaper's source. - It will install, at which point there was an explosion of the wheel - before or after the accident. After that it will be finally established the cause of the accident.Summarizing, we can conclude that Gennady Bachinsky have time to complete the maneuver and was not guilty of the accident. Most likely, he was the victim of external influences on his car that resulted in tragic consequences. Source: Gennady Bachinsky was not guilty in road accident.

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