`Shameful calendar` lowered celebrities `through the floor`

`Shameful calendar` lowered celebrities `through the floor` While show business champagne hampers in half with tears, rocking fat and silicone, sticks the middle finger, shakes anorexic bones and strenuously admits to cocaine eyes by the dust, the paparazzi are all doing and do their job.And now, the best, or rather worst moments of last year, when under the watchful eyes of photographers, glamour showed their true appearance.Bubbles champagne Crystal boiled brain pop Princess Britney Spears, resulting in poor Brit fell in 2007 almost to the floor.And in February - even below.March came in the recent history of drunken kung fu Prince Harry... green snake Struck at the London club Boujis Prince, vomiting curses rushed into battle with the paparazzi, who recorded his sorry state. To retire from the field dirty book the Prince had crawling.In April, Alec Baldwin left an 11-year-old daughter Ireland on the answering machine eloquent message that it's hard to call a message from passionately loving daddy. "I don't care how many old are you, are you a 11 year old or 12 year old kid, or simply a child whose mother is an incessant pain in the ass who does not care at all what you're doing. I just want to say that thanks to you I feel like absolute shit!".

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