Died granddaughter of Winston Churchill

Died granddaughter of Winston ChurchillIn the UK died granddaughter of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill Arabella Spencer Churchill.This was announced today by her husband, Ian McLeod. 58-year-old granddaughter of the famous British politician suffered a terrible disease, pancreatic cancer. In recent months, the doctors assessed her condition as serious, and Arabella was forced to be in the hospital.But finally knocked down the famed heiress yesterday's decision of the Australian court, which sentenced a great-grandson of Churchill, the son of Arabella Nicholas Barton to three years in prison for drug smuggling. In November of this year living in Australia, a descendant of the British Prime Minister was voted Sydney court guilty to unlawful delivery of a large batch of ecstasy pills valued at $13 million considering the fact that these illegal acts Barton was committed within a criminal group, he was threatened with a prison term of up to 20 years, however, the judge limited himself to a very mild sentence of the right to parole after 20 months in prison.The sentence is also defined since the detention of Barton, which was held last year. Thus the 34-year-old descendant of Churchill may be released in February 2008. In making such a merciful verdict, believed to be the judge took into account a secondary position in Barton criminal group and severe physical condition of his mother.Arabella Churchill throughout his life was active in charity. In 1981 she founded the world childhood Foundation. In addition, each year she acted as the main organizer of rock festival at Glastonbury, and the proceeds also going to charity, reminds ITAR-TASS. Source: Died granddaughter of Winston Churchill.

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