Died in USA legendary soul singer IKE Turner

Died in USA legendary soul singer IKE TurnerIn the USA in San Diego died a famous singer IKE Turner, a legend of American music in the style of Saul. He died on Thursday at the 77th year of life.IKE Turner was the most popular in the 1960-ies of the last century. He entered the so-called Hall of fame rock-n-roll. IKE was also known as a virtuoso guitarist and pianist. Some experts believe that it is IKE recorded the first rock ' n ' roll in 1951.In 1956, in one of the Nightclubs IKE Turner met Anna Mae Bullock, which was destined to go down in history of music, under the name of Tina Turner. IKE invited a girl in their group a backing vocalist. After the wedding, with IKE in 1959 appeared the Duo Ike & Tina Turner, enjoyed great popularity. The couple together has created several musical hits, including "Everything will turn out fine", "Crazy in love".In 1975, during a joint tour Tina left IKE, and start an independent life. Career of Tina Turner as a solo performer began only in 1983.Later Tina Turner accused her ex-husband that he was abusing her. IKE denied all charges, and in 2001 stated that he is very upset that the media "demonized" him, reports the BBC.As notes "Interfax", in 2007 the merits of IKE Turner were again confirmed by the American public - he received the music award Grammy in the category "traditional Blues album". Source: U.S. died legendary soul singer IKE Turner.

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