The builders planted Ksusha Novikova `pig`

The builders planted Ksusha Novikova `pig`Participant of "Brilliant" Ksenia Novikova decided to start a new life. Sexy actress left the promoted team and changed the place of residence.Instead of a two-bedroom apartment on the Leningrad highway 28-year-old pop singer bought a three-pointer in the center of Moscow. Buy girl cost nearly $ 800,000, but was worth the money: quiet street, nice view from the window. However, no trouble is still not done. Artist heard about the wiles of the builders, but I never thought that I would see this myself.Xenia was demanding landlady and several times reprimanded by a team of builders for poor performance. They piled on her pig. Or rather, dog Poo. Thank God, the excrement of the animal were not immured in the wall. Migrant workers just hid them under the tub. When the smell in the bathroom was unbearable, She looked around the bathroom and gasped. Threatening court builders, persistent girl forced them to clean up after themselves and even knocked compensation of one thousand dollars. Source: Builders planted Ksusha Novikova "pig"".

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