Tsekalo secretly married a girl younger than his 24 years

Tsekalo secretly married a girl younger than his 24 yearsWedding 47-year-old Alexander Tsekalo was a complete surprise even to those closest to him. Few believed that after the scandalous divorce with Lolita the popular TV host and showman again want to tie the knot.But the 23-year-old Victoria did something that could not do previous girlfriend Tsekalo, to become his lawful wife.The wedding ceremony took place on the eve of the New year, and immediately after the celebration, the newlyweds went on their honeymoon in Mauritius. In order to have more time to spend with his young wife, Alexander had to check in with the Director of the First channel Konstantin Ernst. Director of entertainment and broadcasting has asked the leadership of the additional week of vacation for holidays. The authorities were sympathetic to the changes in his life and released Tsekalo in additional leave.MysteryEven for friends Tsekalo his wedding was a revelation. Most of them learned about this significant event after the fact.- For example, I learned about it from his wife, " says the Director of the series "My fair nanny" and the Christmas program "the Big difference" Alexey Kirushenko. - We don't even know that girl. Saw that Sasha sometimes came with it, presented it to us... But no more. We saw what happened between them that something was wrong. Perhaps they separated, and then were together again. And recently he was somehow different. When he learned about his wedding, only happy for Sasha. But I haven't congratulated. We rarely talked about his personal life, more about working.Probably when between Alexander and Vika disagreements happen, broadcaster and appeared in public with Jana Antonova. This woman saw him at the festival "Kinotavr" in Sochi and that many considered her new lover Tsekalo. But in reality, he chose a completely different girl.Friends showman in one voice say that he is now very happy. He ends up building a house in the suburbs, where plans to move in with Vic, but for now they live in a rented apartment.- I don't want to talk about his personal life, said "Your DAY" Alexander. - I'm not going to tell you who my wife is and what she does. This is my PERSONAL life.Recall that after the high-profile breakup with Lolita Tsekalo has long lived in a civil marriage with Jana Samoilova. After breaking up with her girls in his life appeared, and television projects. Until finally he met the one he wanted to see his wife. Source: Tsekalo secretly married a girl younger than his 24 years.

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