Abdulov secretly treated by sorcerers

Abdulov secretly treated by sorcerersCancer-stricken actor Alexander Abdulov secretly visited an ancient monastery in the mountains of Tibet, where he spent 10 days. Abdulov went to Tibet on a Charter flight from Moscow through Kyrgyzstan, accompanied by his friends, writes "Your day".Earlier it was reported that after visiting Kyrgyzstan Abdulov returned to Israeli hospital "Ichilov" and preparing for surgery to remove a cancerous lung tumor, which he refused to do in Moscow, citing inefficiency.Alexander Abdulov spent ten days in a Tibetan monastery. According to "Your day" a close friend of the actor from the theatre, he was going to a Tibetan healer. "Sasha had to stay a few months in the monastery, but he left after ten days," he added.As notes the edition, to get into a Tibetan monastery. To obtain the consent of the monks, healers, the sick person must be the so-called conductor - the person who has to monastic life, which "asks" for needing help. "Now to help him first of all prayer. The more people will pray for him, the more chances monks-healers to turn reverse the disease!", - said one of the conductors.In Kyrgyzstan, the actor lived in the house of his patron, known in criminal circles under a nickname the Count. Castle of a local authority is located 60 kilometers from Bishkek, in the town of Tokmak. This man Kyrgyzstan informally referred to as one of the leaders of the criminal world of Central Asia.Graph - Uzbek by nationality, but was born in Kyrgyzstan. According to local residents, the origin of its capital is associated with a huge inheritance. According to rumors, in his youth, Earl went to work abroad for a long time and worked in Europe with a wealthy man. When he died, he left his assistant the entire capital and the title of count.The fenced estate of Count five-meter fence. "He's got more protection than the President, say local residents. - And the wedding of his son in 2003 in Bishkek from Moscow came, and Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov".After Earl famous actor to his treatment in the village Sarbulak invited famous healer Eusobi. His clients include members of the Kazakh government and the office of the President of Kazakhstan. It works together with the herbalist, his 85-year-old grandfather. Argue that Eusobi cured not only of cancer, but even from AIDS. Were obtained documentary evidence the complete disappearance of the disease.Eusobi has the gift to make the diagnosis in the photo. "Abdulov right lung is a cancer with a fist - confidently said. - He is still very sick liver. I see that he has a young daughter. She is 10 months old. But the actor has two more children. They are now in other countries. One he more or less acknowledges, but a second child - no.Medical historyIn late August, Alexander Abdulov was urgently operated in Sevastopol the clinic due to perforated ulcer. And just a few hours after the operation he began to have serious heart problems.Six days Abdulov spent in intensive care, and after he was sent to the Moscow Institute of a name of Bakuleva. The flights had a negative impact on the body of the actor, and the doctors had to knock Abdulov have high blood pressure.Three days later there came a sharp deterioration. The actor was so bad that he couldn't even sit up in bed. Doctors urgently convened a Council, and appointed the most thorough examination, the results of which were disturbing. Abdulov have done many tests, ultrasound, CT scan and discovered he had a tumor in the left lung.September 1, the actor along with his wife came to the survey in Israel in the clinic Ichilov hospital, which specializes in the treatment of cancer patients. Doctors discovered he had lung cancer stage four. The disease struck and other internal organs - liver, kidneys, pancreas. This stage of cancer is considered incurable.After chemotherapy Israeli doctors said the actor some improvements and he returned to Moscow, where he intended to continue treatment. Source: Abdulov secretly treated by sorcerers.

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