A Coll during a speech burst pants

A Coll during a speech burst pantsFilming the Christmas concerts and "blue lights" often there are all sorts of fun. Viewers after installation, of course, all this does not appear. But now you can read about it.So, a group of "Brilliant" filming the Christmas transfer almost burned down. During the performances of the girls in the pavilion caught fire.The girl just started singing a song entitled "the Star", as something inexplicable happened, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."On one of the tables ablaze, told the new girl member of the band Natasha Friske, it quickly grew and rose to a height of more than a meter. We were confused and started to panic".Fortunately, in the pavilion quickly became firefighters. They extinguished the flames and found the cause of the fire. It turned out the culprit was the burning tablecloth. No one present at the shooting were not injured.Happened on the filming and less dangerous emergency. Maxim Galkin, for example, during the recording of the new year concert of "Factory of stars-7" I split my pants.Comedian and singing with Nastya Prikhodko, tried to sit on the bench. Then everyone heard a loud crack, and Nastya barely managed to hold back the laughter. Galkin from a scene went backwards, so that none of the audience did not see the ripped pants. Source: Galkina during a speech burst pants.

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