Yarmolnik: Abdulov in good condition

Yarmolnik: Abdulov in good conditionLeonid Yarmolnik to say about the health of his longtime friend actor Alexander Abdulov. But now decided to speak about this topic.Leonid and Alexander are old friends. Like all Leonid was in shock from the illness of the artist. He couldn't believe that this happened with his best friend. Yarmolnik could not hide his emotions: in the hearts of frustrated journalists who climbed into his soul with questions about the health of a friend, quoted by the website of the newspaper "Arguments and facts" magazine "Secrets of the stars". Yarmolnik first arrived in Sevastopol, where Abdulov had surgery to remove a ruptured stomach ulcer.Exactly one month ago Alexander Gavrilovich publicly expressed their gratitude for your caring and support. In his address, he also asked for a month of rest. Surrounded by artist believe that this helped him to his feet. My God there is now increasing talk that Alexander's cheerful voice. He returned to work on his films "Garin" and "Valdai triangle" that often goes on a fishing trip, and even ready to go on stage."I can say that now everything is in order. Sasha is in good condition. I think that the worst had passed. Sasha was feeling fine! I will tell more: and he goes to football! So that's all right," assured Yarmolnik. Source: Yarmolnik: Abdulov in good condition.

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