The star of the series `Staying alive` to jail

The star of the series `Staying alive` to jailThe star of the television series "lost" Michelle Rodriguez, who played the girl-COP named Ana Lucia, the following will spend six months behind bars.The actress was condemned for having ignored the implementation of community service to which she was sentenced last year. 29-year-old native of Texas should begin to serve his sentence no later than December 24 of this year.The verdict was the result of long-standing problems with the law. In June 2004, Rodriguez confessed to drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. She was sentenced to two days in jail, community service, and was appointed a probationary period of three years. In 2005 the actress several times fined for speeding in Hawaii, where they filmed "lost" and was arrested for drunk driving.Then Rodriguez pleaded guilty, received a fine and five days in jail. But since the last offence she committed during the probation period, the sentence was extended by another two months in prison, a month of attending lectures about the dangers of alcohol and a month of community service.Because the prison was overcrowded, convicted, released, and obliged him to comply with the other conditions of the sentence. Alas, the actress ignored the corrective work and alcohol course, so the next Christmas she will have to meet in prison.My Family (#42) Source: Star of TV series "lost" villages in jail.

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