The most vivid personalities of show business in 2007

The most vivid personalities of show business in 2007 People magazine at the end of the year summed up the results of twelve months of leaving in show business, defining who during this period was the most.The star, which was said in 2007: Britney SpearsWith the month of February, when she shaved bald, Britney Spears has made a name for himself throughout the year: rehabilitation in the clinic, the feud with her mother and scandalous performance at the MTV Music Awards and legal battle with former husband Kevin and motherhood, the outcome of which is still not resolved. However, Britney's still a lot of fans, thanks to which her new album Blackout took second place in the Top200 ranking from Billboard magazine.The "hottest" rising star under the age of 25 years: the Hayden Panettiere18-year-old star of TV series "Heroes" in their first year of adult life graced the carpet in a playful outfits, fueled rumors of his affair with fellow actor Milo Ventimiglia and even saved the dolphins in Japan. In addition, in 2008, she plans to release her debut album.The best moment on the red carpet: Reese WitherspoonHer yellow dress from Nina Ricci at the ceremony "Golden Globe awards" not only asked the main trend of the year in terms of color, but also demonstrated that a divorced single mother can also be sexy.The most intriguing novel: Reese Witherspoon and Jake GyllenhaalDivorced Witherspoon did not remain long alone. After six months of secret meetings, evasive interviews and even a brief break, her kiss in Rome with Jake in October finally confirmed that they are together.The strong family: Ben Affleck and Jennifer garnerNone such as this couple, who have a growing 2-year-old daughter violet, demonstrates that even a Hollywood family falling apart after simple everyday things, such as Hiking together to the market for groceries. "Violet is very lucky that she was born in such a family. They magically fit together," says a family friend Victor Garber.The most stylish child celebrities: Suri cruiseWhat is fashionable in the Playground? Burberry, because it is so worn year-old Suri, which has received more than half of the votes of the readers of People due to its charming dress and sneakers that were on it during his visit to Germany.Who will be the best looked every day: Katie HolmesNow we know who went to little Suri's mother Katie, who every day had impressed everyone with his exquisite classic outfits with a fixture in the form of heels.Best new TV series: Gossip GirlReaders People opted for the scandalous series, which describes the lives of teenagers from a school in one of the elite districts of new York.The most shocking moment in reality show: Marie Osmond faints on dancingWas it real or staged? When Osmond fainted on the dance floor after the execution of Samba, some gasped, and some inappropriate laughed. Having recovered, the actress said: "Oh shit!".The best star friend: Audrina PatridgeLet Paris Hilton will leave their dogs themselves. Lauren Conrad from the reality show The Hills got something better: her colleague on the transfer of Audrina Patridge. From showdowns with ex-best friend Heidi Montag to go out together with the fans, a new roommate Conrad was the most loyal friend in the past year.Star, which is better behaved: Ben AffleckHis strict attitude towards his wife Jennifer garner and 2-year-old daughter violet, the actor showed that he was the perfect husband and father, so that was ahead of Mandy Moore and Hillary Duff.Whom should hold his tongue, in 2008: Rosie O'donnellReaders loudly and clearly asked the former leading show View and the ubiquitous dissident a little to cool his ardor in the new year.Best 15 minutes of fame: little landlady pearl"Give me my money!" These are four of the most fun words came from the lips of 2 year old girl pearl (daughter of Director Adam McKay) in a short video of will Ferrel on the website in which she played the role of mistress.The good: a Little pregnantThis sometimes sweet, sometimes vulgar Comedy about a young TV presenter who became pregnant from gouging (Seth Rogen), collected around the world 218 million dollars and proved that the leading actress Katherine Heigl has a great future.Best song of 2007: Carrie underwood, Before He CheatsThe singer in the style of country music and American Idol winner, whose latest album Carnival Ride twice went platinum, won with his single " Before He Cheats the Grand prize at the ceremony at Country Music Awards. Source: the Most vivid personalities of show business in 2007 (photo).

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