Fans Baskov don't want to go to his concerts

Fans Baskov don't want to go to his concertsSinger Nikolay Baskov is now experiencing is not the easiest time in life. Recently, the actor broke up with his wife, followed by a series of unpleasant articles in the press.The issue was about personal relationships Baskov with his wife, and his alleged wrong orientation, and about his past Affairs with almost former father-in-law Boris Spiegel. Remembered Nicholas and the scandalous interview that he last year gave to Rolling Stone magazine. We will remind, in Basque not quite sober talked about a lot of extra, including colleagues and family. The outcome of such a "campaign" in the press was that the fans did not want to come to concerts tenor, believing it to be too outrageous.So two weeks ago, one of concert agencies, who previously worked with Baskov, sent him a notice of termination of the contract."Unworthy new image of the singer badly discredited by his moral character, - explained the Director of the concert Agency Julia Sestak. People felt deceived and disappointed. The Basques had the title "the Golden voice of Russia", was a positive artist with an impeccable reputation, sang classic with Opera diva Montserrat Caballe. In Saratov Basque was going to make a famous Opera singer Larisa Rudakova. Now he suddenly turned into a flamboyant character. For example, Boris Moiseyev initially scandalous image, and the audience is going to his concert, knows this. The members of the audience Baskov were not ready for such a change of the way and stopped buying tickets to his concerts".But the current changes in the way Baskov, its outrageous, become more adverse publicity. Interest in the singer fell, because fees in other cities - Samara, Volgograd and Rostov - too small, a few as "reserves" were also canceled, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."On the one hand, his personal life is none of our business," continued the Director of the Agency, but, on the other, now in many media is actively discussing this sordid story. We have a positive image, we are the party people, and the audience wants to see artists with a positive image, such as Sofia Rotaru and Alexander Rosenbaum. In addition, Baskov fabulous fee, which doesn't fit with his current situation". Source: Fans Baskov don't want to go to his concerts.

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