A terrible error of `You're a superstar`

A terrible error of `You're a superstar`In the first minutes of the third concert of the project NTV "You - superstar" greatly surprised by its appearance leading Olesya Zheleznyak.She dressed in a strange white dress, unnaturally bloated in the belly area and the back seats. What Ms. Zheleznyak alternately resembled the muddy two-liter bottle, which is usually stored in a cellar moonshine, a small boa constrictor that has just swallowed a big rabbit...So, the third concert of extinct stars, who this time hits from the movies, tried jury: Vlad Topalov, Slava, Sergey Zverev, tutta Larsen and actor Peter Krasilov.1. Michael muromo "Lady luck". You have not understood, who is so much like Michael Muranov? Boris Yeltsin in the last years of his reign!.. In the process of discussing the singer's judges Michael made a mistake... But more on that below. The average score of 7.6.2. Alena Apina "don't leave me". The singer and the song she sang perfectly, and looked just perfect! Rating of 10.0.3. Alexey Glyzin "Everything I Do, I Do It For You". Although Glyzin sang a song of Bryan Adams (Russian text which was obviously hastily made Dominique Joker) great, sitting in the jury Thank Alexei sued by putting it a low rating. It seems that it, too, as well as Maxim last concert, is jealous of all the black singers who are singing better than she is. Rating of 9.6.4. Valentine Legostaeva "Looking for you". The artist did a good job. However, dancing on the piano, they strongly resembled a ballerina-the death of "Eurovision" rooms Dima Bilan... which Already number in a row in the frame constantly glimpsed Glory. But as a PR it in this transfer paid her favourite male businessman Anatoly Danilitskiy. Rating of 10.0.5. Sergey Krylov "Zurbagan". It is clear that Krylov has such a voice, what was Vladimir Presnyakov in childhood. So they decided to sing a song in their own way. Unfortunately, the jury clearly underestimated the author's version of Krylov. The rating is 8.4.6. Anne Veski "If in heart there lives love." Singer killed two birds with one stone. First, demonstrated unequivocal superiority over Yulia Savicheva. Secondly, selecting a song Anastasia Maximova, Anna certainly lit the green light on the "Russian radio", one of the chiefs is the husband of author - Marcel Gonzalez... After the number to Ms. Veski went on stage also forgotten Igor Nagiev, and they had sang a duet. Incidentally, in the 90's Mr. Nagiyev could easily dethrone Philip Kirkorov. But Phil then in time swept in and picked Pugacheva. And for Nagiev second Alla Borisovna, unfortunately, not found... Assessment Veski - 10,0.7. Olga Zarubina "My Heart Will Go On". Olga sang the song perfectly. But if not for a wild accent!.. It attached itself to him by the jury, and put the singer low scores. Looked funny when Sergey Zverev, confusing Olga Zarubina with Alice Mon, began to heap praise song "Plantain grass"... the Rating is 8.2.8. Sergey chelobanov "somewhere far away". Very funny to listen to as Sergey sings Soviet song in its original style and has an unnatural vibrato. By the way, good one. The rating is 9.8.9. Shura "Chito-gurita". Form pilot artist was generally unrecognizable. Rather, Shura was more like Vitas than himself. Nevertheless, he coped very well. And if not for the Russian text, which size do not fit to the song, the room would be just great.

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