Vasily Aksenov remains in intensive care in serious condition

Vasily Aksenov remains in intensive care in serious conditionWriter Vasily Aksenov, who was hospitalized last week with a diagnosis of stroke and underwent surgery for a blood clot in the artery, is still in intensive care.This was reported by his friend, the writer and publicist Alexander Kabakov. "Aksenov still in intensive care and no change it yet. These things last a long time," explained Kabakov."Serious but stable" condition Vasily Aksenov remains unchanged since surgery for a blood clot in an artery that is close to the brain, said the son of writer Alexey Aksenov. The doctors hope that will be able to put Aksenov on his feet. As a result of a stroke at the writer has paralyzed the right side of the body and speech is impaired.Aksenov was delivered on Tuesday 15 January at 23 city hospital and then transferred to the Institute. Sklifosovsky. In the close environment of the writer reported that Aksenov became ill when he was behind the wheel of your own car. The writer lost consciousness, causing the car hit the guardrail. In road accident nobody has suffered.Meanwhile, as reported by Alexey Aksenov in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the doctors of the 23rd hospital, where the writer was taken immediately after the accident, lost time, unable to make a diagnosis. "As it turned out, they have no computed tomography, there is only magnetic resonance. And to do the father was impossible, as he is the pacemaker. I told the doctors," he said.According to the writer's son, the doctors treated his father "is standard, on a common basis". "Fussing only when their strained, but the time had gone. Now for me it is of no importance, and I already don't care physicians 23rd hospital. There is a situation from which you need to go, something to get out", he added, noting that in the Sklifosovsky Institute the necessary equipment was found. The doctor held Doppler (vascular) and a CT scan, and immediately decided surgery.Recall, as reported previously, the newspaper "Your day", author of four hour had kept in the corridor of the 23rd hospital, as seats in the house for him was not. All resuscitation Aksenov doctors conducted outside of the chamber. Only four hours later the author of "the Moscow Saga" was transferred to intensive care.Biography Of Vasily AksenovVasily Aksyonov, born in 1932 in Kazan. The son of writer Eugenia Ginzburg ("Steep route"), he spent part of his childhood on the place of exile of the mother - in Magadan. Then he graduated from the Leningrad medical Institute, worked as a doctor.Aksenov is a whole era of Soviet literature, one of the brightest. First great success of the graduate of the Leningrad medical Institute brought his "Colleagues" and "Oranges from Morocco", which have become symbols of the "thaw" period.However, in the early 60s broke the scandal associated with the publication of the novel "Star ticket" and independent behaviour. Working as a member of the editorial Board of the journal "Youth", Aksenov begins to print his prose in America, which, of course, was not welcomed by the then authorities. Aksyonov was one of the authors and the creators of the famous samizdat almanac "Metropol". And after his defeat in 1979, out of the writers ' Union in protest against the exclusion of Viktor Erofeev and Evgeny Popov.A year later, while traveling abroad Vasily Aksenov was "in absentia" stripped of his Soviet citizenship. The exile lasted 9 years. During this time he taught at American universities. Then he wrote the novel "the Island of Crimea" and other works.Although in 1991 Vasily Aksenov restored to citizenship, he now lives in the French resort town of Biarritz, admitting that settled here almost by accident. "Once we arrived and for some reason I wanted to live here," said a writer in one of his interviews.Thus it often happens in Moscow and Washington. And although fluent speaks and writes in English, feels like a Russian writer. This is reflected in the title of his books, such, for example, as "Moscow Saga".Among the last works of the writer's novels are Caesar's glow", "Moskva-kVA-kVA" and the brand new novel "Rare earth". It takes place in the 1990-ies. In 2004 the writer was awarded the "Booker - open Russia" for his novel "Voltarians and volterjanki". Source: Vasily Aksenov remains in intensive care in serious condition.

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